As the tech industry grows and businesses becoming more technology-oriented, tech skills are more in demand now than ever before.
It is now very important for job-seeking graduates and even members of the workforce to skill up and gain technical skills in order to stay competitive in the job market.

However, now that tech skills are more in demand, it is important for you to position yourself for tech jobs that may come your way in 2019.
So, here are some skills you'll need to have if you want to get that tech job you've always wanted in 2019.
1. Mobile Application Development
  Mobile Application Development

Since mobile apps have become very important to both consumers and marketers, Mobile App Developers have continued to be in high demand. And as long as mobile apps remain a useful medium for businesses, mobile app developers will continue to be in high demands. 

2. Data Science 
With the rise of big data and machine learning, data scientists are becoming a key component in many industries. From Health Care to Banking and Finance, to Engineering, opportunities are everywhere for Data Scientists. Don't miss it.
3. Cyber security
 There has been an increased need for cyber security experts in the last few years after a spate of network infiltration by hackers. Organizations are making efforts to protect the data they capture behind the walls of their networks and this led to the increase in demand for cyber security experts.
4. Coding skills

Coding skills have become very essential for the high-tech industry. You'll never regret expending your time and money to learn this skill because it is a major skill you'll need to thrive in the tech industry.

5. Programming Knowledge
 Programming Knowledge
A skill in a programming language like others mentioned above is in high demand as this skill helps programmers to innovate and create eco-friendly solutions for global problems.
Interestingly, it is 2019 and you don't need to spend four years or more in a university to gain these skills. These days, it's easy to acquire knowledge, even from the comfort of your room.