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Request for Quotation from Radio Stations - NURHI

The Nigeria Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI 2) is using communication to increase demand for family planning among men and women.  The program is expanding outreach to Ondo and Ogun States by rebroadcasting a proven successful radio drama/magazine/call in program and also a series of campaign spots in these states.

Radio FM stations in these states are invited to submit a proposal to rebroadcast the successful NURHI Phase I 26 episode Yoruba language 30-minute radio serial drama/magazine (with minor edits) and also replicate the successful live call-in segment of the radio programming, hosting a new 30-minute live call-in show which follows the radio serial drama/magazine. During the live call-in shows, a popular DJ, and a trained family planning expert will answer people’s questions and promote family planning services provided by all implementing partners both in the public and private health facilities. The program will also plan for promotion on air and through ground networks with promotional materials.  The Radio FM station will also re-broadcast 3 campaign radio spots for a set number of months at peak times.



We are looking for a radio station that will be responsible for;

1) Producing two 30 second radio program promotion spots that encourage people to tune into the radio drama/magazine. One spot is a ‘teaser’ before the radio program starts broadcast and the other is a ‘reinforcement’ spot that will broadcast while the program is on air.

Provide recording space at the radio stations recording studio in using state of the art good quality audio recording equipment.
Language used in voicing the radio promotions is Yoruba
Record all the promo spots following the guidelines outlined in the script in terms of sound effects to be used, and the age bracket of people to be used in voicing the script.
All the promotional spots will be recorded at once and broadcasted as per schedule agreed between NURHI 2 and the selected radio station.
Provide sound effects and music as needed
Work closely with NURHI 2 media consultant …..(TBD)  to ensure the radio promos are recorded and edited per NURHI 2 specifications
Adhere to agree upon timelines for production and editing.
2) Broadcast one hour of radio programming weekly (30 minutes of prerecorded drama/magazine plus 30 minutes of live call in which is not prerecorded) at a prime time based on discussions with NURHI 2 staff.

a.  For the prerecorded drama/magazine, do minor postproduction editing to the produced radio drama serial magazine to edit the time of broadcast for the state specific airing.  All 26 episodes can be done at one time and must be reviewed by NURHI 2 staff designate.

b.  For the live call in, there will be two hosts for the live call in show. One will be a family planning expert who will be selected, paid and trained by NURHI 2.  The responsibility of the radio station will be to identify a popular DJ within the station who will trained to host the like call in show and promote Family Planning Services. This popular DJ will co-host together a trained FP expert who will answer people’s questions.

3) Broadcast teaser and reinforcement promotional spots

There should be at least 5 teaser spots a day for the 14 days (Total of 70) before the radio program goes on air.  Then, for 3 per week for the 26 (total of 78) weeks of radio program broadcast. These should be aired at a prime time with no interruptions (commercial or otherwise) within the time agreed upon by the station and NURHI 2.
Every day of the week, the radio station will run 4 pre-promos; one during the main programs of the day. At minimum, these pre-promos will reference the name of the show, time/day to tune in, as well as reference the topic of said show.
The radio station will identify and utilize other ways to integrate marketing of this health program within their general radio station promotions and activities.
If the broadcast begins late and not within the specified time the radio station agrees to do a make good. The choice of the make good will be at the judgment of the client.
The station will email all broadcast programs to NURHI 2 and the consultant, within one week after show has broadcast.
4) Rebroadcast NURHI I three campaign spots

The station will also broadcast NURHI I three campaign spots at least 6 times a day (3 spots, twice a day each) at peak times during the weekday (Monday –Friday) (5 days a week) between September-November (13 weeks) for a total of 380 times.

NURHI 2 will be responsible for:
Provide scripts for both promo spots (as needed).
Provide the pre-produced 26-episode serial drama/magazine in Yoruba language.
Provide guidelines for the live call in show
Identify, train and support directly an FP expert who will co-host together with the popular DJ.
The local consultant will identify and bring in guest speakers as outlined in the live call in guidelines.
Ensure the hosts are trained.
Review and approve all pre-recorded radio promos before they go on air.
Provide the 3 Campaign radio spots

Responses should include a clear description in written English of:
Submissions including a price (budget) proposal to cover all aspects outlined in the scope of work.
A description of the radio station outlining your program formats.
Examples of past, successful, contracts on broadcasting health programs
Program schedule indicating the peak times
Contact information for reference
The respondent’s processes, ideas and strategy that it believes may be relevant to NURHI 2 in broadcasting of the radio serial drama, live call in show and promo spots.
Details of strategies that will be used to complete the ‘scope of work’ including plans for production, airing and marketing of the radio program.
Detailed proposal of staff with level of effort needed to support all activities outlined in this proposal.
Proposed schedule June-December 2016 for completion of the work.

Interested RADIO STATIONS should send their bid(s) via email to on or before Friday 20th May, 2016 with the “State” of interest and title “RFP” in the subject line of the email..  Questions on the bid should be sent to the same email address before close of bid.  Only successful persons will be contacted.

DUE DATE: 20 May, 2016


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