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Job Vacancies at Fosad Consulting

Fosad Consulting Ltd is a business support services firm with offerings in Human Resource Management, Immigrations and Real Estate Consulting. We leverage our expertise and strategic alliances to support businesses. Our proposition is based on a deep understanding of the drivers of high performing businesses and the required business solutions that supports it. We work with clients to support their non-core business tasks to strategically position them for business success.


Our client is a fast rising star who has taken the music industry by storm and has topped the music charts of various music channels/shows. She is a musician with a twist of Jazz and Soul music. Our artist is currently
seeking the talent of a phenomenal brilliant, energetic, goal getter spirit young man to manage artist affairs on the Road during tours.

A Tour/Road Manager manages transportation, scheduling, and the financial aspects of an Artist’s time on the road.

The Tour Manager will make sure that life on the road runs smoothly for everyone involved. This means getting the band safely to venues and hotels, managing money coming in and money going out, and dealing with Promoters and Venue Managers. Tour Managers work with Venue Managers, Promoters, Travel Agents, Band Members, Sound and Lighting Techs, Instrument Techs (Guitar Technicians, etc.), Sound Engineers, Tour Bus Drivers, Tour Coordinators, Production Managers, Tour Accountants and the Road Crew.

• The Road Manager is involved in counseling and advising artists (or songwriters, producers, engineers, instrumentalists/musicians, etc.) on all matters related to their musical careers.
• He will manage the income and expenses of the client therefore, taking care of making payments to background singers, roadies, etc., on behalf of the artist.
• He will take care of logistics while the artist is on tour (or on the road) also includes making sure that everything on the road is provided for as spelled out in the contract and all monies are paid on time.
• Prepares the Rider – and communicates the artist rider to show coordinator( Rider is the full list of artist demands i.e. microphone and sound system are good enough for performance , they have a green room where artist can wait before performance and endless list of things that need to be sorted out before every show.
• Road manager also follows up on items promised as part of the contract such as accommodations, per diems, advances/deposits, rentals, commissions, and so on.
• Performance materials are accurate. Talk to producer to get the right performance mix. Get the right version of song for the show.
• Coordinate sound check, rehearsals, dancers & band members
• Meet up with OAPs, VJs, DJs, etc. drop off materials at TV, radio stations or wherever it needs to be.
• Drop off songs and video etc.

HND/BSc in Mass communication, journalism, economics or any related field.

Interested candidates must;
• Have good communication skills
• Possess excellent listening skills.
• Must be a good time manager.
• Have good knowledge of Computer applications (Microsoft Office)
• Possess excellent note taking skills.
• Must be personable.
• Innovative and smart.

• Must be strong willed and determined
• Must love Music and the entertainment business
• Have knowledge of it inside -out
• Must show a persistent, persevering spirit. Does not take no for an answer
• Can negotiate well when faced with decisions.
• Can function on very little sleep: meaning if we have to be at an event for a long time can be active, effective and involved. Can sleep after show or projects are over or on OFF days.
• Must be pleasant.
• Must be friendly and willing to network with artists or people in the entertainment industry.
• Works with initiative
• Is very flexible to travel and be away from home for long periods of time
• Can, read, write, reply emails and do occasional proposals or presentations.
• Manages people well.
• Survive under pressure.
• Resourceful- can come up with quick solutions without involving artist and management.
• Not forgetful- keeps everyone on task. Dancers, backup singers, director etc.
• Detail oriented, remembers all the details that must be ticked off before the day starts


We have been mandated by a client of ours, a leading financial institution to bring on board an experienced professional to take on the role of Head, Actuarial Unit. The successful candidate will report to the GM, Technical and Risk Management Division.

He / She will interface with all Sales Business Units, All Underwriting teams and Finance team

The objective of this role is to deliver a broad range of actuarial, financial and risk analysis services to the organisation, proffering rates, solutions and actuarial assumptions for the benefit of the organisation.

• Financial Reporting (Statutory and Internal).
• Financial Management.
• Risk Management.
• Actuarial Valuation.
• Product Development & Review.
• Experience Monitoring and Analysis.
• Market Report Analysis.
• Data Analysis.
• Rate Review & Giving of Competitive Rates.
• Performance Reviews: Product and Financial.
• Model Validation.
• Strategic Planning and Analysis.
• Reinsurance Program Review.
• Expert Witness Testimony.

• Good Bachelor’s Degree, in Actuarial Sciences
• Professional qualification in Actuarial Sciences.
• A minimum of 7 years in Actuarial unit or capacity.
• Must have experience in a managerial or leadership role.

• Understanding the customer
Manages customer expectations effectively
• Communication skills
Uses communication skills in a thorough and effective manner to manage own area of responsibility
• Management of Information
Establishes and maintains data and information records which are sufficient for own purposes and which meet company, legal and regulatory requirements.
Treating and Handling personnel records and information with a high level of confidentiality at all times.
• Planning & Organising
Effectively and proactively plans, prioritises and organises caseloads in a way which allows for unexpected events and interruptions.
• People Management
Follow Human Resource policy and processes for issue escalation.
• Commitment to Excel
Challenges self and others to exceed standards and achieve extraordinary results. Is not easily deterred when obstacles or delays are encountered.
• Analysis
Thinks through a situation systematically.

• Communication skills (English), spoken and written (Very Good)
• Mathematical & Analytical Skills (Excellent)
• IT skills ( Very Good)
• Business Writing (Very Good)
• Negotiation Skills (Very Good)
• Presentation skills (Very Good)

• Excellent knowledge of Actuarial practises.
• Good Knowledge of the Insurance business practices.
• Business Ethics.



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