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Jobs at TTC Mobile

TTC Mobile is a top telecom training and outsourcing company based in Lagos Nigeria, with specialization in Networking Engineering and Transmission Engineering.  On one hand, we equip fresh graduates with requisite telecom skills that enable them gain, and/or stay in employment in the Telecom industry. On the other hand, our outsourcing unit hires skilled and experienced personnel as technical staff for our corporate clients, mostly within Lagos.

As a result of expansion, we have opening for the following positions within our organisation:


Main Responsibilities of the OSP Supervisor include, but not limited to:
· Effectively supervise out-side-plant projects, namely: High Streets, Estates and BB Extensions into
· Comply with all project execution procedure, namely;
i. Proper studies of project award documents (Design Plan, BOM, Splice Plan, Link Budget Calculator, and HLDesc) immediately after you receive project assignment order.
ii. Ensure project kick off meeting happens no more than 48hrs after project is assigned to you and that contractor SUBMITS program of work immediately after.
iii. Prepare a project material list and confirm all required project materials is available in store long before the material is actually needed on site.
iv. Escalate unavailable materials to your Team Lead for immediate procurement action.
v. Confirm all network backend connections/resources are available and active for link commissioning long before the project reaches the commissioning phase.
vi. Escalate backend connection issues that may delay link commissioning to your Team Lead for immediate action long before the commissioning phase.
vii. Distribute notification letters to residents of project location/streets at least a week before project civil works commences.
viii. Facilitate meeting with Estate Manager & Contractor to agree on work method before Estate civil works commences. Also ensure Estate Manager notifies residents about the project before civil works starts.
ix. Review quality of materials supplied to site by contractor (e.g. PVC, HDPE, GI pipes, e.t.c) and ensure they meet required standards. Reject sub-standard materials and escalate back to your Team Lead.
x. Observe quality of civil and cabling works (handhole, Trench depth, cabling process, splicing and splice management, special surface excavation and replacement, e.t.c) and ensure they meet company tandards. Stop sub-standard works and escalate back to your Team Lead.
xi. Effectively monitor projects to ensure contractor compliance with design scope (approved quantity), program of work (agreed resource/time) and work method (approved quality).
xii. Team Lead will measure your performance on effective project monitoring by tracking your compliance to
i. Daily Work SMS submissions,
ii. Weekly project update reporting,
iii. Attendance in weekly project meetings,
iv. Accurate & Timely red-line drawing submission,
v. Accurate & Timely Splice-MST report submission.
xiii. Variations to design and scope plans MUST be escalated back to the office and approved before they are implemented on site.
· Troubleshoot, Analyze, Identify & Resolve faults that may delay link commissioning.
· Submit Accurate Splice-MST report sheet and Accurate Red line Drawings 48hrs after project completion.
· Actively participate in the audit exercise of completed projects and ensure project snags are cleared before Audit.
· Provide support to the engineering team where necessary and as defined by the Head of Projects or your Team Lead

o Project Delivery & Quality Assurance: Contractor compliance with work scope, work plan and work method.
o Reporting: Timely submission of reports (Daily work SMS, Weekly project updates,
Splice-MST sheets, Quality Checklist, Red Line Drawings).
o Documentation: i. Accuracy of Splice-MST Sheets. ii. Accuracy of Red Line Drawings.
o Problem Solving: Effective problem solving skills, ii. Ability to manage & resolve

challenges on site e.g. access issue, fibre and MST connection issues, negotiation skills with construction companies/local communities/”area boys”/regulatory authorities/other service operators (PHCN, PTOs, Water board, Gas Companies, e.t.c.).

Academic and Professional: B.Sc. or HND in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Physics, Project Management, Applied Sciences/ any other related discipline.

Over 2 Years OSP Supervision Experience.  Knowledge of major fibre routes across Nigeria, especially in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt Metro.


• Proficient use of Fiber test tools e.g. OTDR, power meter & Light source, VFL.
• Proficient in the use of design softwares e.g. AutoCAD, Visio etc
• Good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Power point, Projects and email application.
• Excellent Communication Skills (Written & Oral).
• Certifications in Fibre Optic Cabling, CCNA and A+ will be an added advantage.
• Certifications in HSE Grade III will be an added advantage.
• A Goal getter and team player.
• Able to work under pressure & meet deadlines with little supervision.
• Excellent people skills and street smart.
• Open to learning and willingness to share knowledge & experience with team members.
• Able to manage/supervise Fibre civil works, reduce tension on site and motivate labourers and contractor personnel to accomplish assigned project task.
• Neat, articulate and respectful.

Applicants should apply to Please ensure subject of application is “OSP Supervisor (FTTH Out-Side-Plant) “.  Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interview as soon as possible.


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