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Jobs at The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - For 70 years, UNICEF has been working on the ground in 190 countries and territories to promote children's survival, protection and development. The world's largest provider of vaccines for developing countries, UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic education for all boys and girls, and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments.

If you are a committed, creative professional and are passionate about making a lasting difference for children, the world's leading children's rights organization would like to hear from you.


Work Type: Temporary Appointment


Provide rapid and relevant responses to evolving supply chain needs and situations facing children and families, including emergency situations, with a priority on achieving value for money.
Responsible for logistics/supply planning through coordination with Operations/Programme Sections.
Provides technical advice on specifications, supply and logistics arrangements facilitating cost-effective and efficient procurement, customs clearance, inventory management and distribution of EPI vaccines, in support of the country programme implementation.
Participate in the Country Programme strategy planning preview and reviews to advise on supply/logistics requirements for the of Plan of Operations and Annual Work Plans.
Develops Supply/Logistics component of the Country Programme, including systems for storage and distribution of EPI vaccine to all sites.
Ensure sound, accurate supply/logistics management systems, procedures and documentation as well as regular, accurate reporting to maintain the highest level of integrity, standards and accountability.
Establish and maintain contacts with the CCL officer on the vaccine procurement and shipping policies. Interprets and advises the country office on policies and procedures impacting on offshore and local procurement and delivery.
Act as member of the LWG. Establish and maintain a system of contact with customs and airport immigration authorities at national ports of entry on the clearance of UNICEF supplies, in keeping with established protocol.
Ensure preparation of all immunization vaccines status reports required for donor reports, budget reviews, programme analysis, annual reports, appeals, etc.
Regularly create and communicate accurate inventory tracking and incoming supplies information.
Ensure that effective support UNICEF and Government capacity-building efforts are provided in order to enhance efficient, effective and timely vaccine delivery,
Plan, design and conduct training for UNICEF's staff/consultants and counterparts in supply management, customs clearance, distribution and inventory management of supplies and equipment in order to maximize supply delivery. Provide effective coaching and mentorship to the staff/consultants as required.
Communicates and reports quality issues with respect to EPI vaccines.
Collaboration and Partnership:
Coordinate with the Health Section on providing technical advice on procurement specifications of the EPI vaccine as well as providing advice on requirements in the development of the vaccine component of the Country Programme.
Provide advice to the LWG on procurement policies and procedures, delivery and utilization of EPI vaccines.
Develop and maintain partnership and collaborative relations with UNICEF, Government, UN, and bilateral counterparts in supply and logistics activities including distribution, monitoring EPI vaccine inputs, and inventory.
Inform Programs of slow moving inventory, upcoming field distributions or deliveries, incoming materials and quality issues to ensure maximum use of available transportation, warehousing space, manpower and other resources


University Degree in physical sciences or engineering and Advanced degree in a related area of study. Equivalent educational qualification in relevant areas (transport or logistics operations/management, supply management, etc.)

Five years of relevant professional work experience at national providing technical support in the area of logistics, supply chain management, cold chain and similar activities.
Language Requirements:
Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of another official UN language or a local language is an asset. A University Degree in public health/nutrition, paediatric health, family health, health research, global/international health, health policy and/or management, environmental health sciences, biostatistics, socio-medical, health education, epidemiology or other health related sciences is required.

Core Values (Required):

Diversity and Inclusion

Drive for Result (II)
Applying Technical Expertise (II)
Following Instructions and Procedures (II)
Planning and Organizing (II)
Leading and Supervising (II)
Deciding and Initiating Actions (II)

Functional Competencies (Required):
Working with People (II)
Communication (II)


Work Type: Temporary Appointment


The incumbent is accountable for contributing to the development, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Supplemental Immunization Activities (SIA) component of the Immunization programme in conjunction with Child Survival and Development, Maternal and Child Health, Health and Nutrition components within the country programme, to achieve the UNICEF's immunization plus goals and objectives for the country.
The incumbent will work under the direct supervision of the Immunization Manager at the Country Office but will provide support to field offices for regular monitoring of improved SIAs in the field.
Accountable for ensuring the UNICEF Supplemental Immunization Activities promote gender equality, with an emphasis on gender disaggregation, gender disparity identification and gender mainstreaming.

Timely sectoral analysis, input, support and coordination contribute to the Situation Analysis with consistent integration of sex disaggregated data and its periodic update for effective project planning, development and management:
Contributes towards the preparation of the Situation Analysis by compiling, analysing and evaluating information and providing the technical input in the area of Supplemental Immunization Activities (SIA).
Ensures the preparation of the Situation Analysis relative to Immunization (EPI) interventions in the country and its periodic update.
Prepares sectoral input to the Country Programme Document, and all related documents (e.g., Plan of Operations, Project Plans of Action, Country Programme Summary Sheet, Programme Summary Sheet) of the Immunization programme.
Quality contributions are made to the development and implementation of the Immunization strategies and approaches through participation and collaboration with internal and external partners:
Collaborates with other UNICEF sectors, particularly Nutrition, HIV and programme communication to ensure integration of the SIAs with other sector activities.
Participates with UNICEF, Government, non-government organizations (NGOs) and other partners in the development of the SIAs strategies and approaches.
Ensures achievement of strategic results in line with agreed Annual and Country Programme objectives and adopts corrective action to meet programme/project objectives.
Contributes to the identification of new approaches for improving programme delivery with emphasis on project management, evaluation, sustainability of intervention and community participation based on Human Rights framework and cross sector approach to programming and Community Capacity Development.
Work plan and objectives are strategically established, technical support is effectively provided, and planned results are timely delivered through exercise of strong technical leadership.
As Health Spe...t (SIA) exercises technical leadership for, and participates in, the development of the results-based sectoral work plan and technical decisions as well as for administration, implementation, monitoring and follow-up of sectoral project activity, consistent with the defined project strategies and approaches.
Ensures objectives and targets are timely met and achieved, through full coordination between activities, by leading and supporting a team of professional and support staff.
Meets with national and international agencies overseeing the management of programmes/projects.
Participates in meetings with ministries responsible for programme/project review, and follows up on implementation of recommendations and agreements, and integration of gender mainstreaming across sectors.
Project implementation progress is monitored and evaluated for adjustment, acceleration and improvement of program delivery and sustainability:

Undertakes field visits to monitor programmes, as well as participates in periodic programme reviews with government counterparts and other partners.
Identifies necessary action for programme adjustments.
Provides technical advice and assistance to government officials and implementing partners in the planning and management of the SIP component of the Immunization programme and ensure sustainability of interventions.
Technical support is provided to government and NGOs at all stages of the programme cooperation, including capacity building of government personnel and beneficiaries:

Provides technical support to government and NGOs at the national and provincial levels in the planning, development and implementation stages of the programmes/projects.
Identifies training needs; plans, organizes and supports training and orientation activities for government personnel and beneficiaries, for the purpose of capacity building, sustainability of programme/projects and promotion/expansion of coverage of services.
The capacities of Country Office staff are strengthened through effective capacity building programme in the development, implementation and management of the Supplemental Immunization Activities:

Plans and organizes a staff training/development programme to upgrade the capacity of the Country Office staff in the programme development, implementation and management of SIAs.
Conducts relevant orientation, workshop, and training.
UNICEF and Government accountability is ensured for supply and non-supply assistance and disbursement of programme funds for the sector:

Coordinates with Operations and Supply staff on supply and non-supply assistance activities ensuring UNICEF and Government partner accountability. Certifies disbursements of funds, ensuring those activities are within established plans of action and programme budget allotments.
Monitors the overall allocation and disbursement of programme funds, making sure that funds are properly coordinated, monitored and liquidated. Submits financial status reports to management in compliance with the regulations and guidelines.
Effective partnership and collaboration achieved and maintained for advocacy, technical cooperation, programme coordination, information sharing and knowledge networking:

Coordinates activities and exchanges information and knowledge with other programmes to contribute to achievement of overall country programme objectives. Participates in establishing effective monitoring, knowledge database/network and reporting systems to ensure the availability of current and accurate programme information/data, and contributes to the development of communication materials and strategies to support advocacy and community participation for the Immunization Programme.
Maintains close working relationships to establish partnership and collaboration with external counterparts, including those of the UN and national partners, in order to improve the ability to collect and disseminate relevant data, exchange information on programme/project development and implementation.
Ensures exchange of knowledge, information, experience and lessons learned.
The most relevant and strategic information is provided to support the SIA and Immunization Programme by the effective implementation of the monitoring system:

In collaboration with monitoring and evaluation and program communication colleagues, conducts accurate and timely monitoring and data collection, and supports an integrated monitoring system.
Participates in major evaluation exercises, programme mid-term review, annual sector review and preview meetings. Analyses and evaluates data to ensure achievement of objectives and recommends corrective measures as appropriate.
Ensures the accurate and timely input of project information in the monitoring system, and issues status reports for monitoring and evaluation purposes.
All required programme reports are timely prepared in compliance with the established guidelines and procedures:

Ensures the timely preparation of annual sector status reports in compliance with the established guidelines and procedures.
Participates in the preparation of all programme reports for management, donors, budget reviews, programme analysis, and annual reports.
Emergency preparedness is maintained, and in emergencies, emergency responses with effective coordination are provided:

Collaborates in forming emergency preparedness plan relating to the areas of responsibility. In case of emergency, participates in monitoring and assessing the nature and extent of the emergency in the assigned area.
Coordinates and provides assistance to the Country Office in identifying where support is required in terms of immediate response as well as long-term strategy and plan.
Other assigned duties and responsibilities are effectively performed:

Performs and delivers additional duties and services assigned by the supervisor.

Advanced university degree in Public Health, Paediatric Health, Child Development, Child Health, Nutrition, Epidemiology, Public Administration, Social Policy, Social Development, Community Development, or other relevant disciplines.
A minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience, at the national and/or international levels in programme/project development, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and administration in Health and Nutrition in an emergency context.
Five years of professional work experience in planning, programming, implementation monitoring and evaluation of health/immunization programs.
Professional work experience in a technical expert position related to child survival & development, health and nutrition care.
Fluency in English

Work Experience:
Analyzing [III]
Relating and Networking [II]
Deciding and Initiating Action [II]
Applying Technical Expertise [III]


Competency Profile:
Diversity and Inclusion
Communication [ II ]
Working with People [ II ]
Drive for Results [ II ]
Leading and Supervising
Formulating Strategies and Concepts [II]

Language Proficiency:
Field work experience and familiarity with emergencies would be an asset.

Technical knowledge of the following:
Public Health, Immunization, International Health, Maternal-Neonatal and Child Health, Family and Community Health, Health System Strengthening and Management, Health Emergency Preparedness, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

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DUE DATE: 2 January, 2017


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