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Editors at Cactus Communications

Our goal at CACTUS is to help you shape your vision through delivery of world-class, compliant, and technically robust scientific and medical communications. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company in need of strategic publication planning or a medical device client striving for high-impact medical innovation, an STM publisher in need of tailored editorial assistance or a scholarly researcher looking for language polishing, we will support you in your mission by offering you expert-driven, technology-enabled support backed by carefully calibrated and customizable processes.

CACTUS’ suite of services adheres to the highest industry standards and is subject to stringent quality checks. Most importantly, they are engineered for you by a group of experts across the breadth of therapeutic areas and research disciplines and well-rooted in academia and industry.



Physical Sciences and Engineering
Humanities and Social Sciences
Life Sciences & Medicine

Are you looking for a fulltime job opportunity that does not require you to travel?

The average person spends 33 hours a month commuting to and from office. Put this time to better use!
According to this Gallup poll (http://bit.ly/1hoyAB9), 37% of US employees already telecommute (work from home). This trend is catching on in India, too.
Telecommute jobs are just as important as office-based ones. Technology empowers you to work from anywhere.
Cactus Communications ranks 15th globally among the Top 100 Companies for Telecommute Jobs in 2016. Source: Forbes ; http://bit.ly/29aLjan
At Cactus Communications, you can join a team of highly skilled editors who are experts in various academic fields. We're currently hiring Editors on a fulltime work-from-home basis in the Physical Sciences and Engineering

Edit manuscripts such that the final text is in standard scientific English and is free of unclear or unidiomatic sentences
Adhere to job-specific instructions and format manuscripts according to the target journal when required
Understand client and industry requirements and adapt working approach accordingly
Meet deadlines
Receive training to become adept at the points mentioned above

Flexibility . You can work from anywhere in India.
You will receive training to become adept at editing
You will have unlimited access to exclusive interviews with industry experts, articles on the latest industry trends, and publication and writing tips on our learning and discussion platform.
At CACTUS, you will be exposed to research carried out worldwide and will get an insiders view of the burgeoning, multi-million-dollar publishing industry.


A Bachelors/Masters/PhD degree in any of the physical sciences & engineering subjects or the humanities and social science subjects
Excellent written English skills and attention to detail
Familiarity with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Applicants should send Cvs to editor@cactusglobal.com

You can complete the 1st of our 3-step recruitment process in the next 15 minutes!

Simply access this link and complete a 10-question multiple-choice quiz:

http://bit.ly/23iPhP6 (for Physical sciences)

http://bit.ly/1Y5akDi (for Life Sceinces and Medicine)

http://bit.ly/1rqEsi8 (For Humanities and social science)

If you pass, we will contact you within one working day with details about the next step.

For any questions and concerns, email Siddharth Dikhale at editor@cactusglobal.com.

Note: This is a fulltime opportunity, not part-time or freelance


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