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Professional Drivers at Career Prime

Career Prime is a talent management company with a sole purpose of imparting young people by helping them sharpen their vision of career choices. We desire to give youths the opportunity to see how far technological innovations have gone over the last few years, whilst we revisit the culture of excursions; purposeful excursions which is a fine blend of learning and fun.

Career Prime began as a counselling outfit in 2007. As a team of university students pursuing career fulfillment for the fresh students at the time, we came against a huge road block when students in their numbers needed help with managing some courses. We realised sadly, that some students do not really have what it takes to study certain courses. Some of these things are hard to explain, but they sure are real.




The ideal driver should have demonstrable experience working as a driver in an organized environment. The following must be ascertained:
Above the age of 30, preferably married with children.
 Superior knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, ability to drive safely.
References checked and previous work experience verified in detail.
Has history of long term employment with previous employers i.e. more than one year with one person/company.
Good knowledge of Lagos region roads and routes.
Willing to work Saturdays and public holidays.
He must understand how to conduct a routine maintenance check on a vehicle.
Must be a person of strong integrity and values.
Must be organized.
Must know how to maintain vehicle documents and keep them updated at all times.

He must be resident in Lagos, Ajah (VGC)
Mature and professional in outlook
Accepts himself to be a driver
Respectful to all and can obey Company/Employee rules and regulations
Neat and clean
Can read and write basic English
Knows how to keep a car clean and dust free

Has been trained in:
How to keep underarms odour free
Keep a clean handkerchief at all times
Uses handkerchiefs when sneezing, coughing etc
Keeps spare clothes to be worn when washing car (so can change into work clothes after)
Washes hands after using convenience

Driver’s etiquette
Remember: The left lane is for passing!
Yield to pedestrians
Be extra mindful of your driving when you have a passenger in the car
Understands vehicle precautions and safety procedures

Qualified applicants should send CV to

Subject of Email: Drivers


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