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Jobs at Hobark International Limited (HIL)

Hobark International Limited is the parent company of the Hobark group operating in the oil and gas industry. The company was incorporated in 1998, starting as a staffing agency based in Port Harcourt. Currently we have offices in 4 countries with our head office in Lagos.

REQ I D: REQ-1075


In the area of execution of the four packages (UFR, OLT, Umbilical and Line-pipes), the UFR Senior Contract

Engineer will be required to:
Liaise with the QA/QC team in PMT  to create the related Service Orders
Liaise with the UFR construction & installation teams, PMT Contract Engineer and London Offshore
Consultant (LOC) to create the related Service Orders for the Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS)
Check and review all custom duties and claims for CONTRACTOR ITEMS, liaising with PMT transit team
Organize Service Orders Document Filing
Prepare and update the monthly Service Order Register
Provide support to UFR Contract Team as required
Review and prepare the correspondence about the UFR and OLT Contract as required
Analyze and review the Change Order Request related to UFR and OLT Contract and issue as required the correspondent Change Order in accordance with Contract Procedures
Prepare the UFR and OLT Change Order Dossiers for NAPIMS’s acknowledgment and review
SAP’s basic knowledge
Microsoft Office knowledge

5-10 years work experience preferably in the Oil & Gas industry. Good team spirit and communication skills.
Well organised, diligent and proactive. Microsoft Office knowledge
Primary Skills:
Engineering, EPC, Oil & Gas, Operations.

REQ I D: REQ-1062


Work with the Subsea Maintenance and Inspection Engineering Contractors (Subsea MIEC) to develop the subsea inspection plan on the basis of prescriptive requirements, integrity assurance and verification covering all equipment including pressure systems, pipelines and Sub Sea structures.
Review the Emergency Pipeline Repair Scheme for Deep Offshore development
Follow up the installation and commissioning of the Integrity Monitoring Systems such as Riser Integrity monitoring, CP surveys records and perform analysis of data coming from these systems as a key element in the future integrity management plan
Collect offshore deployment and installation Non-conformity and damage report from Contractor and Project teams, ensure that this is integrated in the inspection worksheet and consolidated in inspection plans
Review FMECA reports for various packages in line with the Design, Fabrication & Installation (DFI) resumes
Develop with the MIEC the list of Safety Critical Elements (SECE) for the entire  Field Development derived from Technological Risk Assessment, Preliminary Risk Assessment, Detailed Risk Assessment, Bow-tie definition etc…and maintain a single integrated list in Company CMIMS
Follow-up the definition of SECE Performance Standard (PS), based on guidelines from Head Office. Verify that the SECE Register is in place prior to Start up
Identification and ranking of Business Critical Element (BCE), based on guidelines from Head Office.
Verify that the Business Critical Equipment Register is in place prior to Start up and updated afterwards.
Establish, consolidate and maintain Operational Integrity Assurance Scheme (OIAS), which identifies the
SECEs Performance Standards, defines SECEs functionality, availability/reliability and survivability criteria and specifies the associated Means of Assurance activities. The Means of Assurance activities provide a link to the Maintenance and Inspection systems and ensure that the Performance Standards are being achieved on an ongoing basis.
In close liaison with all involved disciplines, establish the key measures and indicators that will allow monitoring integrity performance on a continuous basis. Prepare Operations “Integrity dashboard” composed of selected integrity measures and KPIs. Keep custody of the dashboard and ensure that data update is timely delivered by all involved disciplines. Advise on trends.
Assist in the preparation of first in-service inspection of  Subsea Architecture and perform adequate review of Subsea equipment installation reports to ensure they are suitable for in-line inspections (pigging) and online monitoring strategy.
Assist all disciplines for the establishment of verification programmes ensuring key integrity processes are in place and work effectively, such as corrosion control, chemicals and materials procurement, structural weight control, lifting certification, FPSO classification, management of excursions from operating envelopes, management of backlogs, management of well safety barriers, etc.
Identification of SCEs and BCEs at tag level in UNISUP, ensure specific measurement points are created, and contribute to the definition of Commissioning and of baseline inspection scopes of work.

A Mechanical, Materials/Metallurgical Engineer or Subsea Engineer.
Professional experiences in Maintenance & Inspection, Integrity, Operations, Marine engineering, Subsea operations or engineering in oil or service companies , with an ideal experience of 10 to 15 years.
Knowledge of Subsea Operations is required for the job.

Primary Skills:
Engineering, EPC, Oil & Gas, Operations, Production

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