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Job Vacancies at Hobark International Limited (HIL)

Hobark International Limited, is the parent company of the Hobark group operating in the oil and gas industry. The company was incorporated in 1998, starting as a staffing agency based in Port Harcourt. Currently we have offices in 4 countries with our head office in Lagos.

REQ I D: REQ-1105


Efficient management of the full lifecycle development of Umusadege field
Strategic planning of field development activities
Preparation for field abandonment

Management of produced water in compliance with authorities regulations and requirements
Facility management to minimize operational downtime
Overall responsibility for proactive plant maintenance management
Compliance with authorities regulations and requirements
Ensure good communication/interface with relevant units to ensure optimal profitability of Umusadege field
Good knowledge in reservoir engineering, drilling and petroleum economics through past experience with multidisciplinary projects

Ensuring safe working practices are maintained at all times and maintaining the database
Ensure implementation of the operational HSE Management System to ensure all staff observe standard HSE processes and operating procedures
Cost Control and Budget Plans:

Manages production planning against budget, forecast schedules and project control budgets
Monitors overall project costs vs. budget including consultants, contractors / labor, materials and all other costs
Analyse workforce requirements, overtime and other variable operational expenses
Reports on cost variances with reasons and recommended corrective actions
Ensures corrective actions are carried out

Graduate Engineer with minimum 15 years’ experience as reservoir engineer or production technologist of which 3 years is at senior supervisory / managerial level
Knowledge/proficiency in the use of engineering software (equivalents will suffice) e.g. ECLIPSE, MBAL, PROSPER, WELL FLOW, PANSYSTEM, PIE, OLGA, HYSYS, PIPESIM
B.Sc and Masters' Degree in Engineering field

BSc, Engineering, EPC, Oil & Gas, Operations, Production.

REQ ID: 1104

Monitor and evaluate well, reservoir and field performance with a view to optimizing daily production and recoverable reserves through the design of well completions (particularly horizontal completions) and artificial lift methods, understanding the constraints on the wells, reservoirs and facilities
Identify areas of poor performance and formulate solutions through proposals for well interventions that will improve productivity
Initiate and participate in the design and programming of well completions, in particular horizontal completions, with the aim of optimizing well inflow performance for the (mostly horizontal) liner completions
Assist in drawing up a sand management strategy, addressing monitoring, prediction and exclusion methods
Provide Production Technology input to field development plans, including well completion design, well performance prediction, optimum artificial lift method, production chemistry issues, processing facilities, HSE issues, risks and uncertainties, etc.
Advise operating departments on the physical constraints applicable to the well / reservoir / field production (e.g. sand, water, gas production, scaling potential, corrosion potential, etc.
Liaise with other sections / departments
Actively search for improvements, keeping a--- of new technology and incorporating it where applicable to improve the Company’s overall effectiveness
Participate in operational Duties outside office hours

Minimum of ten (10) years practical production technology experience with an operating company or spe...t service company
Knowledge/proficiency in the use of SAP
Extensive computer skills in using Microsoft software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) plus other software pertinent to the work performed would be advantageous Degree in Engineering and Physical Sciences
SPE or any related professional qualification will be ideal

B.Sc, Engineering, EPC, Oil & Gas, Operations, Production.

REQ I D: REQ-1103

Carry out all geological work required for the timely execution of designated projects in an efficient and cost effective manner, according to agreed technical specifications and standards. The scope and schedule of activities is to be agreed with the Head Subsurface, and updated in bi-weekly progress reviews.
Develop scenario based geological models and realisations, incorporating relevant aspects of other disciplines to support field reviews, FDPs and ongoing drilling activities for the purpose of maximising hydrocarbon recovery by identifying in-fill and development opportunities.
Identify and evaluate infill and appraisal upside potential in designated projects and provide fully descriptive geological static models for well planning purposes and for use in dynamic simulation.
Consult and interact with other disciplines as appropriate for the optimisation of interpretations, models, plans and reports.
Prepare detailed well proposals according to the schedule in consultation with colleagues.
Provide technical / operational advice while drilling, maintaining up-to-date well progress data, subsurface maps and geological data.
Measures progress against the schedule at regular bi-weekly reviews.
Participates in formation evaluation contract strategy and contract bids to ensure the most cost effective and technically sound approach is adopted.
Identify areas where the acquisition of additional data would be an economic method of reducing geological risks and uncertainties.
Develop well-integrated depositional environments to support 3D geological modelling.
Actively participate in coring and coring evaluation and description activities and supervise contractor.
Provide necessary technical support to and interface with colleagues in other disciplines in the Technical Department.
Provide functional advice and quality control to operational and study geologists.
Provides mentoring to less experienced staff as appropriate.
Applies rigorous data management procedure.
Supervise, mentor, motivate and develop team members.
Ensure adherence to government statutory regulations in all matters relating to geological activities.

Minimum of ten years’ experience in development geology, including exposure to well-site operations, petrophysics, seismic interpretation, formation evaluation, reservoir engineering and geological modelling.
Knowledge/proficiency in the use of SAP.
Extensive computer skills in using Microsoft software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) plus other software pertinent to the work performed would be advantageous.
Degree in Geology or any  related Field.
SPE or any related professional qualification will be ideal.

Medical Quality (Accreditation) Services Supervisor
Req I D: Req-1106

Services Description
Initiating the accreditation process, and following through in close relationship with the selected international accrediting agency (JCI, COHSASA...), communicating on this essential matter and assisting the SMO and staff in implementing all processes and procedures in line with the above accreditation.
Assistance to Project Team for the redesign, extension building and commissioning of the facility with the aim of increasing the number of beds and extending the range of services.
Assisting and providing the SMO with guidance for organization of services, patient care quality, consent process, patient safety, medical records, infection control, staffing…
Establishment of protocols and policies as per international standard;
Inspiring and motivating all staff to contribute, develop and learn
Device ways to improve everyday practice and clinical outcomes;
Continuous monitoring of services for improvement;
Commitment to prevent adverse events that may occur;
Improving consumer / patient satisfaction and outcomes.
Assistance to SMO and Chief Nursing Officer in familiarizing medical staff with their new environment and equipment;
Health, Safety and Environmental Responsibilities; hygiene supervision and evaluation of risk/hazard.
Responsible and committed to excellence in care provision, in creating a culture of quality, patient safety, efficiency and accountability towards patient care.
Coaching the team in all processes and procedures prior to their implementation.
New Clinic’s quality of services is to be considered in close relationship with the CMO, SMO, head of the pharmacy and the Medical Admin. & Method Manager, in all aspects right from the start


Senior Chief Nursing Officer with 15 years' post qualification experience;
Previous experiences in Hospital International Accreditation Programmes;
Professional qualification in Emergency Nursing; good knowledge of emergency and HSE procedures;
Up-to-date knowledge of modern medical equipment and methods;
Fluent in English
Good computerization practice and good software's knowledge

Primary Skills:
HSE, BSc, Engineering, EPC, Oil & Gas, Operations, Production



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