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Care International Job Opportunities

Care International is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to saving lives and ending poverty. We works in 94 countries around the world to support over 1000 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects.



The role of the Safety and Security Officer (SSO) is focused on the continuous implementation of safety and Security strategies and protocols in order to ensure a high level of safety and wellbeing for all CARE International staff based in field location.
The SSO will maintain a high level of contextual awareness of his/her operating area and strong coordination with Program and Program support teams at the field level.
He/ She will promote a strong Safety and Security culture at their field office(s) through continuous trainings and collaborative security assessments with all field based staff.
The SSO will serve as the Safety and Security unit representative at field level and also serve, when required as the Safety unit representative on the Field Crisis Management Team.
The SSO will report directly to the Safety and Security Manager, and will be an integral part of the Safety and Security Unit. This Position will be based in Maiduguri

Continuously monitoring the environment in the operational areas for which he/she is responsible.  As required, and at a minimum of once per quarter, support Safety and Security Manager on updating the Safety and Security strategies for CARE International.
Based on current context make recommendations to the Team leader/Safety and Security Manager for updates to Field Level Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Risk Management Plans.
Ensure that the Field Level Security Plans and associated documents are kept up to date and reviewed regularly
Ensure the safety readiness of all CARE staff at Field level through regular integration of safety and Security management priorities and objectives into Field Office planning
Brief, manage and liaise on daily basis with the contracted guarding services to ensure the guard force is aware of CARE standards and can effectively provide for the safety of CARE compound/staff and assets
Liaise with government, Army, Police, SSS, Local Heads and other key external stakeholders to ensure that CARE staff can maintain regular and safe access to program areas
Prepare Hibernation, Relocation and Evacuation plan for the area of responsibility with the support of Safety and Security Manager.
Prepare office Emergency procedures with the support of Safety and Security Manager. 
Maintaining physical safety standards as established by the Safety unit for CARE office and guesthouse at Field level
Ensuring that all CARE Field based staff are aware of established Safety and Security strategies and have the means to follow established protocols on a continuous basis
Ensuring that the contracted guard force maintains a high standard of guarding for CARE office and residence, and when required take corrective action in coordination with the Guard force management
Ensuring that required relationships with local police and other security agencies are maintained in order to assist (when required) with ensuring the safety of CARE staff, facilities and assets
In coordination with the Safety and Security Manager, develop and implement quarterly training plans for all CARE Field level staff focused on safety awareness and skill sets
During any critical incident or crises serve as the Safety and Security unit representation on the Field level Crisis Management Team (F-CMT)
Ensure that all Field Level Crisis management plans are kept up to date and reviewed regularly
Support to International Visitors or CARE’s International staff

Minimum of First degree in a field related to Humanitarian Work or Risk Management

A Minimum of 5 years of demonstrative experience in INGO/NGO or UN field (operations)with at least 2 years of field safety management experience included
Competent and literate in English, verbal and written, with a sound knowledge of technical expressions
Competent and literate in local language of Maiduguri, verbal and written, with a sound knowledge of technical expressions
Sound judgment and the ability to work effectively with others at all levels
Strong assessment, evaluation, analysis and strategic planning skills
IT literate, MS – Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Experience in developing safety related technical tools guidelines and systems
Interpersonal communication and proven written / presentation skills
Demonstrated ability to manage under stressful conditions
Demonstrated knowledge of the historical and socio-political context of Nigeria



The Borno State Program Manager will be based in Maiduguri town and will report directly to the Emergency Team Leader (ETL).
The position is responsible for providing leadership, management and operational guidance to the program teams at the field level.
Specifically, s/he oversees the management of programs and budgets and coordination between with program support functions as well as with other different field teams and with local partners who work in the same geographical areas.
The position will ensure best utilization of resources through implementation of efficient and effective program management and compliance systems and provision of timely support and guidance to CARE’s program staff at the field level.
In addition, this position will be responsible for ensuring program quality and effective program management, including coherence of programming and implementation of CARE’s program principles within the specific program locations; oversight of field operations; representation and liaison with local authorities, partners and communities at the field level.
Also the role will ensure proper implementation of CARE’s programming principles, accountability systems, risk management and conflict sensitive programming at the field level.


Ensure effective program quality, accountability, planning, implementation and management at the field level.
Provide overall leadership and management for CARE programs at the field level, in close cooperation with other CO program support teams. Specifically, review, sign off on and monitor program implementation plans, budgets, quality and monitoring systems.
Ensure that program interventions and implementation plans are in accordance with CARE’s strategic priorities and in compliance with agreements and donors’ proposals/contracts.
Review and monitor regularly the projects’ burn rates and take necessary actions to address any implementation/spending constraints.
Prepare the donors’ project reports and ensure that they adhere to the spending plans, quality standards, reporting requirements and timelines.
In coordination with the Emergency Team Leader (ETL), ensure proper documentation through an established and coherent monitoring and evaluation system, maintain a database of key leanings and build up an evidence-base of quality approaches.
Ensure CARE’s programming principles and accountability framework are fully understood and implemented by CARE’s and partners’ staff, for quality programming and improved accountability to communities, partners, donors and other stakeholders.
In coordination with the program team at the head office, support CARE’s and partners’ staff on developing new program initiatives and support writing concept notes and proposals.
Ensure compliance with CARE’s and donors’ rules, regulations policies and procedures, specially in areas of finance management, procurement and logistics and procurement and safety and security.
Ensure efficient and effective management and utilization of project resources through regular reviews, monitoring and application of finance and administration systems and procedures and timely actions to enable and facilitate program operations/implementation.
Ensure compliance to CARE’s financial, administrative and procurement policies, systems and procedures. Also ensure proper management of CARE’s assets at the field level.
Ensure field level donor funded projects are managed in compliance with CI, donors’ policies and procedures and guidance of government counterparts.
In coordination with the Finance Manager and supervisor, review projects’ financial reports for accuracy, adequate burn rates and consistency with donors’ budgets.
Review and provide advice to relevant staff, including project and partners’ staff, on sub-granting agreement development and management in relation to deliverables, costing and timelines.
In coordination with the Human Resources Officer (HRO), ensure complete understanding of and compliance with HR policies and procedures at the field level.
Management of Safety and Security and conflict sensitivity at the field level.
Liaison, representation and communications at the field level.
Under guidance of the ETL, establish and maintain effective relationships with stakeholders and represent CARE in the different fora with relevant government and local authorities, NGOs, UN agencies, local partners and community leaders at the field level.

A Minimum of Post-graduate degree in Development Studies, Social/Political Sciences, Business Administration and or in a Humanitarian related field.

Demonstrated 5-7 years’ experience with multi-sectoral development and humanitarian programming with an international NGO or UN agency.
Ability to work independently and as a team player who demonstrates leadership and is able to support and train program staffs and is also able to work in a changeable situation in a sensitive and participatory manner.
Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills including the ability to build and manage complex and diverse stakeholder relationships and develop harmonious teams in a cross cultural context.
Ability to operate effectively under difficult circumstances including stress, security risks and not easy living conditions.
Experience in capacity building and staff development.
5-7 years of proven program management experience and management of teams and budgets.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and local languages.
Ability to produce high quality work and balance competing priorities within demanding timeframes.
Excellent understanding of international humanitarian principles and standards, including conflict and gender sensitive programming methodologies.
Experience in complex decision making and leading a multi-disciplinary, diverse teams under difficult circumstances.
Strong technical leadership and liaison skills.



The Procurement and Logistics Officer’s overall responsibility is to ensure the day to day procurement of goods and services in an efficient and cost effective manner while keeping in mind legal considerations, CARE and donor requirements.
S/he will handle contracting, transport, shipping, requisitions, inventory, and other logistics tasks and provides support to the sub-offices’ and projects’ administration on procurement related matters.
The incumbent is expected to deal with customers with maturity, tact and diplomacy. S/he will also prepare and manage consultancy contracts.

Ensure quality and timely supply of goods and services including consultancy locally or internationally in accordance with CARE Procurement rules.
Prepare and share the country office procurement plan for each FY (Quarterly, Bi-Annually)
Handle the local and international procurement process to ensure a timely supply and goods and services, including consultancy service according to the procurement policies and standards of quality of service, prepare SBA, LOPs etc.
Follow up pre-shipment inspection waiver, etc. from the relevant shippers and authorities
Follow up tax exemptions from the relevant authorities
Inspect goods received to ensure their quantity and quality and approved acceptance
Follow-up the payment of goods and services invoices and bills, and advise Accounts on terms and conditions of contract relating to supply of goods and services to ensure that payments are made as agreed,
Assist Admin Manager in providing training to staff on procurement policies,
Develop and maintain a vendor list for the main office and supervise the preparation of S/O vendor lists,
Maintain and share vendor and price lists with MO and S/O procurement committees and Programme Managers,
Maintain the annual procurement budget/plan of the main office and consolidate the country procurement Plan,
Ensure the completeness and chronological filling of L.P. O’s and Request for Payments,
Ensure 24 hours’ feedback to staff on completeness of PR's submitted and prompt feedback on delivery of items,
Maintain and update individual vendor files and update the Manual Procurement Status Report,
Ensuring new vendors and Consultant's fill vendor questionnaires with all the required documentations attached and do Bridger checks on them.
Prepare Request for Payments for Airlines and Internet Agencies
Request for Quotations, ensure vendor's sign L.P. O’s and follow up with the prompt delivery of items.
Prepare, process and monitor consultancy contracts and eensure prompt processing of consultancy requests following established procedures, and co-ordinate due diligence where necessary
Manage travel requirements of staff and organize international workshops/events
Effective report and communicate with clients and programs
Prepare and maintain weekly Procurement Status Report (PSR)
Ensure the effectiveness of the supply system and appropriate assets management.
Execute necessary contracting, transport, shipping, requisitions, inventory, monitoring and other logistics tasks in strong coordination with other respective units.
Perform other duties and/or tasks assigned supervisor.

Minimum of First degree in Administration, Supply Chain Management, Management or Business or equivalent experience or a combination of education and work experience
Familiarity with basic finance or accounting practices will be an added advantage

A Minimum of 3 - 4 years progressively responsible experience in procurement, logistics and administrative work. A good experience in supervision is required.
Previous experience working with an INGO or a Development organization.
Excellent analytical skill, good written and oral communication skills
Ability to exercise independent judgment and work without direction
Ability to multitask and work within deadlines
Proficient in use of Microsoft applications, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Outlook (or similar software); Good knowledge of Administrative systems and practice, policies and procedures.
Fluency in English and working knowledge of French are required.
Familiar with donor rules and regulations (EU, USAID, ECHO, CIDA etc.)
Strong customer service focus and ability to work well with people from varied backgrounds and cultures at all levels in organization.
Strong level of initiative to provide independent follow through on processing issues and concerns.
Excellent planning, organizational and time management skills.
Strong team player and Integrity
Strong problem solving, analytical, operational, and coordinating abilities,
Good interpersonal, oral and written communication and presentation skills.



The IT Officer supervises all aspects of IT management and attend to IT issues in both main and sub-offices.
This includes management of the networks and servers advise on procurement/replacement of computer equipment, procurement/development of systems and software, provision of IT training, backups and protection of data and servers.
The candidate is expected to be up to date on current technology and able to provide technical leadership and guidance to CARE management on the best IT equipment and technologies that enable the organization to handle its business in most effective and efficient manner. 

Administer and maintain the LAN in the main office and provide the same support for the sub-offices,
Manage and administrate all the servers (E-mail, gateway, RAS, etc… servers),
Take the backups of PeopleSoft, Email, HR/Payroll and Users’ files according to the established policy and assist in the entire IT infrastructure design for the country office.
Oversee and control the VPN and other inter-office network connections,
Ensure protection and confidentiality of CARE Nigeria's data, computers, Networks against viruses and physical damage,
Design and maintain MIS information management and data processing functions and Procedures.
Supervision of IT functions in the sub-offices to ensure that standards of quality are met,
Supervise the selection of IT service providers for supplier of maintenance of IT equipment for the sub-offices,
Organize and train staff to perform the routine IT administration functions in the sub-offices,
Provide support and guidance for the protection of sub-office data, computers, Networks against viruses and physical damage,
Provide IT strategy and planning, policy and guidelines for acquisition of hardware and electronic devices,
Determine and advise on computer equipment procurement for the whole country office.
Maintain a technical inventory of all computers and accessories of the country office.
Determine computer-training needs and establish annual training plans,
Provide preventive maintenance of computer hardware, Troubleshoot and assist/support users,
Diagnose and repair computer hardware,
Monitor guarantees and follow up the equipment sent out for repairs
Manage the division, assist the overall IT management
Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor

Minimum of First degree in IT & Computer or Telecommunications Sciences OR a combination of education and work experience.
A Master's Degree in a related field will be an added advantage

A Minimum of 3 - 4 years progressively responsible experience in Network and Windows based servers Administration, Microsoft Exchange server Administration, SQL, Computer equipment maintenance, systems and software development, Web site design and administration and/or directly related area.
A 5 years progressively responsible experience in Network and Windows based servers Administration, Microsoft Exchange server Administration, SQL Server Administration, systems and software development, Web site design and administration previous experience working with CRYSTAL Report systems, Basic Computer equipment maintenance. Experience in a Development organization.
Excellent Analytical skill,
Ability to learn quickly and by him/herself, good written and oral communication skills
Ability to exercise independent judgment and work without direction; Ability to multitask and work within deadlines; Proficient in use of Microsoft applications, including Windows, Exchange, Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Front Page & Outlook (or similar software).
Fluency in both English and French
Strong Innovation & creativity ability
Strong conceptual, problem solving, analytical and operational skills,
Scientific curiosity and openness to ideas and Facilitation skills
Strong level of autonomy and ability to work independently,
Excellent planning, organizational and time management skills.
Strong team player
Good interpersonal, oral and written communication and presentation skills.
Strong customer service focus and ability to work well with people from varied backgrounds and cultures at all levels in organization.

Applicants should submit their applications and detailed CV's electronically to:


Indicate clearly in the subject line the position you are applying for (in Caps)
Save your CV with your name before attaching it.
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted


DUE DATE: 24 May, 2017


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