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Career Opportunities via SWAP Consulting

Swap Consulting - Our client is a leading Internet Service Provider with head office in Victoria Island, Lagos and branches across Nigeria. As a result of business expansion, the following positions are available for suitable qualified candidates in Lagos, Kano, Ibadan and Ado Ekiti offices.



Provide second–level technical support for iWireless customers through escalations from call agents
Supervise both internal and external (contractors) personnel during SOMA base station installations
Network support functions for corporate clients
Maintenance of connectivity for clients.

B.Sc (Elect/Elect) CCNA, CCNP (ONT)
Experience: 2 yrs


Skills Knowledge Personal Attributes
LAN/WAN Network troubleshooting skills
Conscientious,Dedicated,Highly motivated



Perform all functions of a corporate support agent.
Follow –up on all unresolved complaint, with view to resolving such.
Manage the affairs of the corporate support center (agents and complaint).
Attend and participate in company Quality Assurance and Compliance in-service/training programs on an ongoing basis.
Incident management: receives, log and take ownership of all faults.
Responds to and provides timely, complete and accurate resolution to customer inquiries via email, phone or web calls.
Ensures initial call assessment, resolution (if possible) or escalation to the appropriate technical group.
Manage Service request lifecycle: receive, log and take ownership of all general Service Requests and progress to resolution.
Liaison with clients on updates of progress on Service Requests and Incidents reports ensuring they are kept up to date.
Dissemination of information regarding network faulty condition, causes, planned outage period for repair/preventive maintenance.
Execute customers’ transactions in line with customer care methods and procedures to ensure that customers receive the best service possible while processing requests and concerns.
Real-time Network status monitoring and escalation based on SLAs, Coordinates with other teams as may be necessary to resolve customer issues within the contracted SLAs.
Manage various software systems, track customer requests and concerns and issue resolution.
Maintain accurate updates to the knowledge management database.
Produce periodic error-free service reports in order to inform both management and external clients of service levels achieved and areas of service improvement required.
Work with other groups to provide a well managed service keeping a--- all related fault and new business arrangements enabling excellent customized support.
Perform Clients Relationship Management and secure customer satisfaction in every interaction in a professional manner.
Work as part of the Business Front Office, supporting an environment of excellent customer service, by responding to faults and provisioning enquiries.
Proactive monitoring of all client owned & installed network elements in corporate customers’ premises.
Identify, document and alert supervisor of trends in customer calls.
Contribute to a continuous maintenance and optimization of processes and procedures.

Academic and Professional: A University degree in the applied sciences.
1 - 2 years experience in telecommunication service provisioning with emphasis on customer liaison.
Experience: Customer Relations, Technical, Human Relations (Any other Human Related) in Telecoms company/ISP Company.

Customer Relationship Management techniques.
Service Level Management.
Good Business Communication Skills.
Good knowledge of I.T & Telecomms Industry.
Proficient use of computer and related applications
Excellent telephony skills with the ability to listen, question and explain.
Troubleshooting skills.
Basic Telecommunication concepts, principles and systems.
Best Practices in Customer Care/Customer Relationship Management.
Good understanding of the company’s network.
Good understanding of knowledge of software used by Customer Care



Site survey for all Radios, Sites and VSAT links.
Installation & Maintenance of Radios & Maintenance Of Earthing Base
Installation & Maintenance of Alvarion Radio,S & Soma Base Station
Retrieval of equipments from site and making request and returns Of equipments for installation & maintenance
Installation and commissioning of corporate links (Hub and Sub).
Configuration of VSAT modems (Vipersat, Comtech, EF Data and DVB)
Report generation.
General maintenance and support of Vsat and radio links.

Academic and Professional: SCHOOL CERTIFICATE & OND/B.Sc.
Experience: Six (6) YEARS EXPERIENCE

Mast climbing.
Erection of mast and towers
Termination of RF/IF cables
Installation of antennas and alignment
Site survey and coordinate
Path analyze
Fabrication of antenna brackets
Base station installation
Installation of point to point links
Installation of earthing systems
Configuration skills



Conduct Site surveys for study and planning of new FTTH deployment.
Prepare Low Level Design of Civil and Fiber Infrastructure for Optical Distribution Network (ODN) deployment to cover future demands.
FTTH Optical Distribution Network (ODN) planning, Cost estimation, Route Selection, fiber Management and Fiber Link Power Budgeting.
Prepare detailed FTTH design drawings including duct layouts and cabling layouts.
Preparation of BoM for FTTH OSP projects.
Preparation of High Level project scope description.
Preparation of fiber cabling plan and splice plans for FTTH projects
Review of as-built drawings with FTTH roll-out team to ensure conformity with original design.
Planning and site selection of Central Offices (CO)
Design of Central Offices’ civil and fiber infrastructure.
Project Related Activities
Pre-project discussions and co-ordination with FTTH roll-out team and OSP vendors.
Joint site walk-throughs with OSP Supervisor and contractor after kickoff meetings.
Conduct joint surveys with project team to resolve variation and change in scope issues.
Revise designs and BOMs and send in the documents for variation or scope change approval.

Academic and Professional:
Minimum requirements is HND in Electrical/Electronics/Computer Engineering/Computer Science, Information
However, field experience for Non- science or engineering backgrounds can be considered.

Minimum 2years

Skills Knowledge Personal Attributes
Experience using CAD (Autocad, Visio) and Microsoft office software
Excellent communication skill
Analytical and problem solving skills
Prioritizing work
Generating & maintaining accurate records Outside Plant Fibre experience – site surveys, fibre laying, splicing, termination, troubleshooting.
Ability to use fibre tools e.g optical power metre, light source and OTDR.
General Networking

Fibre Optic Technology
FTTH Network Architecture Analytical ability
Creativity & Flexibility
Ability to work under pressure
Honesty & Integrity
Experimental inclination



Liaise with planning unit to define clear design specifications and legends for FTTH outside plant design maps.
Create detailed and accurate As-Built drawings for completed FTTH outside plant infrastructure.
Create, update and modify FTTH network maps, regularly and in line with network expansion.
Carry out routine site visits of ongoing projects to assess, educate and enforce quality compliance by contractors and supervisors.
Continuously innovate and recommend ways to improve design drawings and documentation.
Maintain and manage a folder of, As-Built drawings and,  Final Audit Reports (including signed Quality Acceptance Checklist) for all completed FTTH project.
Initiate, drive and monitor all installation correction works flagged in the Final Audit Report.
Ensure and improve quality Assurance Standards for FTTH installations May assist in creating indoor cabling layouts, when necessary.
Perform any other duty as requested by the Senior Project Manager, in support of project delivery team.

Academic and Professional: HND or BSc / Applied Science/
Engineering/related disciplines
Experience: 2years or more

Excellent use of AutoCAD, Visio and GIS software for producing network design drawings.
Ability to interpret/ use field survey information and red-line drawings to generate accurate As-Built drawings.
Excellent communication, relationship and writing skills.
Computer literate and proficiency in the use of MS Office tools
Basic Knowledge of fibre technology and FTTH Principles.
Ability to work with little supervision
Methodical, Organized and focused on results.
Comfortable complying with company procedures.

Excellent communication, relationship and writing skills.
Ability to articulate and use field survey information/red-line drawings to generate accurate As-Built drawings
Good Knowledge of Microsoft office applications
Excellent use of AutoCAD, Visio and GIS tools for design drawing.
Analytical, organized and result oriented.
Comfortable complying with company procedures and enforcing same.


The Job will involve the following functions;
Ability to conduct site surveys for the installation of drop (last-mile) cabling.
Liaise with the customer and ipNX sales team to determine the preferred location of customer modem (CPE) in the building.
Liaise with the Outside Plant Supervisor and the Supply Chain Management team to sign out required activation materials (e.g drop cable) from the store.
Employ the service of casual labourers for minor civil works where required in laying the drop cable.
Ensure drop cable is correctly and neatly installed from the nearest access terminal indoors/outdoors into the customer’s residence.
Measure the Db loss of fibre cabling using the appropriate tools.
Do minor troubleshooting with light source and power meter to ensure the optic fibre connection Db loss is within range to achieve an excellent connection.
Do minor corrective procedures such as cleaning optic fibre connectors, couplers, re-splicing the drop cable or replacing the drop cable.
Install and make the interconnection between the drop cable and the customer’s modem (CPE).
Test and commission the CPE with the supervision of the ipNX NOC.
Sign-off with the customer.
Complete all required documentation to ensure inventory databases are accurate.

Non Technical Skills
Ability to engage customers, customer focus, timeliness, being target driven, quality consciousness, ability to work without supervision and ability to lead a small team to deliver on targets.

Technical skills
Ability to use fibre optic tools such as optical light source, optical power meter, splicing tool and Optical
Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) will be an added advantage. Ability to use the computer and Microsoft office applications is a key requirement.
Experience in the installation of any type of cabling such as Cable TV, fixed telephone lines and DSL will be an added advantage.
Quick learners are preferred, since this will require working on new technology.

Minimum of Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in science or engineering related courses.
Exceptions may be made in the case of those who studied other disciplines but with field experience in the installation of optic fibre cabling.



Provide second–level technical support for iWireless customers through escalations from call agents
Supervise both internal and external (contractors) personnel during SOMA base station installations
Network support functions for corporate clients
Maintenance of connectivity for clients.

B.Sc (Elect/Elect) CCNA, CCNP (ONT)
Experience: 2 yrs

Skills Knowledge Personal Attributes
LAN/WAN Network troubleshooting skills
Conscientious, Dedicated, Highly motivated



The FTTH Activation Scheduler (FAS) shall be responsible for setting up and cancelling, as the case may be,all appointments with customers for visits to survey for, install, maintain, repair, correct and/or upgrade FTTH services to customers, including quality control and assurance visits.
The FAS coordinates customers, FTTH Technicians and Activation Contractors to ensure that appointments are successfully met.
This responsibility equally includes managing missed appointments due to customer or the activation team.
The FAS is the principal liaison between the assigned FTTH Technicians and Activation Contractors on the one hand and the customer, on the other.
The FAS communicates scheduled appointments for FTTH activations to the FTTH Technicians, Activation Contractors and follows up until service is activated.
The FAS manages the status of work order from setting up the appointment with customers and communicating to the FTTH Technicians and Activation Contractors.
Status may include activation scheduled, appointment communicated, survey carried out, installation completed, service activated,necessary and relevant project completion documents submitted by the FTTH Technicians, etc.
The FAS actively participates in scheduling meetings as may be required by the Supervisor to finalize priority of work orders, rework, and re-appointments.
The FAS continuously improves scheduling by receiving feedback from customers, FTTH Technicians and Activation Contractors and providing same feedback in a regular report to the Supervisor.
The FAS keeps accurate metrics on the performance of planning and scheduling functions and provide timely reports to the Supervisor.
The FAS carries out other relevant and related tasks as may be assigned by the supervisor 

Good speaking and hearing abilities are important to be able to handle telephonic communication. English language skills are essential for communication.
Good writing and reporting skills are required to manage written communication to all parties
Listening skills and a positive way of looking at people and situations will be immensely helpful to handle customers and fellow staff
The individual must be a team player as well as capable of working independently.
The individual must have a flair for analysis and meaningful presentation of data.

At least 2 years working relevant experience, for instance as a project officer, field support engineer or project scheduler.
Good honors degree in electrical engineering or a relevant computing/IT discipline.
User experience for Microsoft Office Tools, including a good working knowledge of Microsoft Project.



Effectively supervise out-side- plant projects, namely: High Streets, Estates and BB Extensions into MTU/MDU.
Comply with all project execution procedure, namely; Proper studies of project award documents (Design Plan, BOM, Splice Plan, Link Budget Calculator, and HLDesc) immediately after you receive project assignment order.
Ensure project kick off meeting happens no more than 48hrs after project is assigned to you and that contractor SUBMITS program of work immediately after.
Prepare a project material list and confirm all required project materials is available in store long before the material is actually needed on site.
Escalate unavailable materials to your Team Lead for immediate procurement action.
Confirm all network backend connections/resources are available and active for link commissioning long before the project reaches your Team Lead for immediate action long before the commissioning phase.
Distribute notification letters to residents of project location/streets at least a week before project civil works commences.
Facilitate meeting with Estate Manager & Contractor to agree on work method before Estate civil works commences.
Also ensure Estate Manager notifies residents about the project before civil works starts.
Review quality of materials supplied to site by contractor (e.g. PVC, HDPE,GI pipes, e.t.c) and ensure they meet ipNX standards.
Reject sub-standard materials and escalate back to your Team Lead.
Observe quality of civil and cabling works (handhole, Trench depth, cabling process, splicing and splice management, special surface excavation and replacement, e.t.c) and ensure they meet company standards.
Stop sub-standard works and escalate back to your Team Lead.
Effectively monitor projects to ensure contractor compliance with design scope (approved quantity), program of work (agreed resource/time) and work method (approved quality).
Team Lead will measure your performance on effective project monitoring by tracking your compliance to Daily Work SMS submissions, Weekly project update reporting, Attendance in weekly project meetings,  Accurate & Timely red-line drawing submission, Accurate & Timely Splice-MST report submission.
Variations to design and scope plans MUST be escalated back to the office and approved before they are implemented on site.
Troubleshoot, Analyze, Identify & Resolve faults that may delay link commissioning.
Submit Accurate Splice-MST report sheet and Accurate Red line Drawings 48hrs after project completion.
Actively participate in the audit exercise of completed projects and ensure project snags are cleared before Audit.
Provide support to the engineering team where necessary and as defined by the Head of Projects or your Team Lead.

B.Sc. or HND in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Physics, Project
Management, Applied Sciences/ any other related discipline.

Over 2 Years OSP Supervision Experience.
Knowledge of major fibre routes across Nigeria, especially in Lagos, Abuja
and Port Harcourt Metro.

Proficient use of fiber test tools e.g. OTDR, power meter & Light source, VFL.
Proficient in the use of design softwares e.g. AutoCAD, Visio etc
Good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Power point, Projects and email application.
Excellent Communication Skills (Written & Oral).
Certifications in Fibre Optic Cabling, CCNA and A+ will be an added advantage.
Certifications in HSE Grade III will be an added advantage.
Over 2 years of sound OSP Supervision experience in a Telecoms firm.
Understanding of fibre terminologies, fiber cable management, and fiber link power budgeting.
Understanding of FTTH architecture and PON/GPON Networks.
Understanding and accurate interpretation of Design drawing and As-Built drawings for fibre networks.

Qualified applicants should send CVs to

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and subsequently invited for Interview.


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