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Job Vacancies at Solidarites International

For over 35 years, the humanitarian aid organization SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has been committed to providing aid in the event of conflict and natural disasters. Our mission is to provide aid as quickly and as efficiently as possible to endangered populations by meeting their vital needs:  water, food and shelter.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL (SI) has started activities in North-eastern Nigeria in August 2016 in the fields of Wash, and is now intervening in 4 areas of the state for Wash and Shelter activities.

Location of position: Monguno (Borno State)

I. Responsibilities and Tasks

The Watchman monitors the Solidarités International premises in order to guarantee the security of all goods, equipment and personnel on his/her assignment area.

List of principal activities

Ensure that doors to warehouse compound and rub halls are locked or padlocked
Maintain sufficient lighting throughout the warehouse compound being monitored
Ensure that all equipment at his/her disposal functions properly
Record in the log book all trucks, vehicles that enter and leave the premises and their passengers, and the movements of people on foot.
Check that at least one occupant of every Solidarités International vehicle is in possession of a means of communication
Stand watch at the entrance door and patrol the specified zone in the whole warehouse compound.
Write a service report after being relieved and a situation report whenever assuming duty
Ensure constant radio monitoring / remain in constant contact.
If necessary, sound the alarm using the means provided for this purpose
If an incident occurs during service, inform the line manager immediately
Even if a Watchman is asked to protect and secure goods, areas and people, under no circumstances may he/she use force or risk his/her life. If danger arises, they should use common sense to manage the situation in the best possible way

Filter, monitor and organize the arrival and departure of people and goods affected by or in transit through his/her assignment area.
Open the gate for vehicles and, if necessary, guide drivers entering and leaving the SI premises

Other tasks
Activate and switch off the generator as needed or as specified by established procedure, and fill out the log book.
Ensure that there is always a fuel reserve in the generator and check the oil level
Maintain and clean the generator and make sure to fill the tank each morning and record in the log book.
Insure that the water tanker is full and check regularly.

ORGANIZATIONAL CHART POSITION (reporting and functional relationships)

Line manager: Store Manager
Line report(s) on base: -
Functional manager: Store Manager
Functional report(s):  -

Minimum secondary school education
Writing and reading local languages
Basic knowledge of English language is an asset
At least 2 years’ experience for similar position with other NGOs



The store manager supervises the arrival, storage, security and shipping of food or non-food items, goods, tools and materials used by Solidarités International or under the responsibility of Solidarités International.
He/she is in charge of issuing and monitoring all of the administrative documents linked to the stored goods.
In particular, he/she will supervise the store keepers, watchmen and other support staff in his/her assigned warehouse.

List of principal activities
Maintenance of buildings, storage spaces and stocked materials
Monitor the warehouse’s interior and exterior installations and infrastructures.  Spot damage and propose the necessary repairs.
Make sure that warehouse fencing, lights, gates and all passive security of the warehouse compound are maintained and are well secured.
Ensure the respect of the security rules for all staff under his responsibility.
Ensure the reception and the storage for goods and materials belong to SI or other SI partners who have already signed the MoU and report to his/her line manager for any delivery requests or loading requests from different partners.
Ensure the management of cargo movement in link with his line manager regularly checks the quality and quantity of goods, food items and non-food items store in the warehouse.
Ensure the well-functioning of all the lights, drainages fire alerts and electricity of the warehouse compound.
Warehouse management

Draw up warehouse layout plans according to the materials/goods to be stored and program allocation
Establish staff and equipment forecasts required for loading/unloading
Forecast the required tools and equipment for the personal and loaders for loading/unloading
Supervise the day-to-day personnel team involved in warehouse activity
Write or fill in the shipping or delivery documents in compliance with Solidarités International’s standards
Manage and Monitor foods, goods, equipment and tools flow within the warehouse.
Keep the stock forms and reports updated and regularly report to his/her line manager.
Supervise the store keepers and make sure that all the SI standard warehouse management is implemented.
Alert and notice his/her line manager for any problem linked with the sent/Receive of materials.
Ensure that all documents (waybills, requests forms, release forms etc) are well filled for each entry.
Ensure that all the received goods/ equipment are stored in a perfect way, countable and well arranged in each Rub hall to ease and facilitate the physical inventory and loadings.
Ensure that the list of identified loaders updated and are in place and recruit them while needed.
With the support of his/her team to do a physical inventory of the warehouse on monthly basis.
Manage all the warehouse documentations and the archiving according to SI standard.
Provide trainings to all staff under his/her responsibility.
Assist his/her line manager for procurements and other logistic contractual documents for the assigned warehouse.

Provide to his/her line manager all information needed to draft intermediary and final report
Consolidate all information for the monthly logistic pack
Ensure the communication of a weekly Sitrep to his/her Log manager
Ensure the monitoring of all report asked by the Log Sector

Implement team safety measures as determined by the coordination team
Train teams in safety rules and procedures
Pass on any security-related information to his/her line manager

ORGANIZATIONAL CHART POSITION (reporting and functional relationships)

Line manager: Program Manager
Line report(s) on base:
Functional manager: - Program Manager
Functional report(s):  Store keepers / Daily workers

Bachelor’s  degree in business  administration or related field
Minimum 3 years of working  experience in similar activities
Significant experience in warehouse management
Strong leadership and interpersonal
Ability to work under pressure and emergency
Fully computer literate,
Good knowledge in English language.
Good Knowledge in local language



Under the supervision of the Watsan Team Leader, and in functional link with the Shelter advisor Assistant, the shelter officer will lead and supervise shelter work projects, respecting deadlines and technical requirements.

List of principal activities
Set-up and operational monitoring
Under the supervision of the Watsan Team Leader, take part in logistical and administrative organization and the planning and preparation of job sites
Ensure the construction and/or the maintenance of construction work using Solidarités International tools (in particular):
Take part in the identification of sites where work is to be carried out
Recruit and train the workforce (carpenters, mason, …)  and daily workers
Allocate the on-site workforce according to instructions given by the team leader
Control the quality/quantity of the materials arriving in the construction site
Be in charge of given the materials to the IDPs
Carry out work according to technical guidelines and estimates and follow the recommendation of the Shelter Coordinator or Shelter Coordinator assistant.
Controls the quality of the implementation
Respect deadlines established with his/her supervisor or project manager
Supervise operational teams, contractors and communities, and ensure the best use of available resources
Organize, plan and supervise community participation
Anticipate any problems associated with the management of his/her activity and propose solutions to avoid them
Manage the supply of worksite materials by collaborating with the logistics department
Report to the project manager and/or program manager assistant on the state of decentralized stock (‘field’ stock) on his/her sites.
Take part to the evaluation of the technical competence of contractors
Respect Solidarités administrative procedures before, during and after each work project
Establish safety and security measures for each activity and ensure that these rules are respected by the workforce under his/ her supervision and by the population

Reporting/communication /representation
Fill and send daily report to the Watsan Team Leader
Fill and send concrete test report, and quality check report
Fill and send monitoring report
Keep his/her monitoring tools and files archived in the Solidarités office, accessible to his/her team leader and/or project manager
Take part in the drafting of project progress reports under the supervision of his/her team leader
Take part in seminars and workshops related to the carrying-out of activities and to project objectives
Report to his supervisor regarding the development of activities and specific tasks that he/she has been assigned, any problems encountered and the quality of relations with the beneficiaries
Report back all information or problems linked to his/her activity, Solidarités programs or safety issues
Listen to the local population and authorities in order to identify any needs, complaints, or major events which could affect the activities of Solidarités
Analyze the humanitarian situation by taking into account protection issues/Do No Harm to the population
Collaborate with local authorities and administration
Take part in restitution meetings and clusters on request
 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART POSITION (reporting and functional relationships)
Line manager: Watsan Team Leader


University degree in Construction or Civil engineering diploma, is an asset.
Minimum 5 years of working experience in implementing construction activities
Excellent ability to lead a team, work in a team and to mediate
Ability to work under pressure and emergency
Fully computer literate
Good knowledge on drawing is a plus.

Please submit your application (CV and cover letter) by email to:

Or submit your application (CV and cover letter in Monguno Solidarites International office.

Final date for applications: 29/06/2017 at 04:00PM

List of selected candidates will be posted on gate of Solidarités International office during the first week of July-17

DUE DATE: 29 June, 2017


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