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Latest Recruitment at Deloitte Nigeria

Deloitte Nigeria - Our client is a development finance institution positioned to empower more micro, small and medium enterprises across Nigeria. The institution is set up as a private sector driven wholesale financial institution aimed at increasing access to finance for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through eligible financial intermediaries In view of the foregoing, the client seeks to attract, motivate and retain qualified staff.


Any City, Nigeria

To develop and implement IT Strategies necessary to streamline IT operation, align the IT strategy with the Bank’s strategy; provide guidance, expertise and resources for a cost effective technology implementation.
Ensure continuous development and implementation of the Bank’s technology requirements and needs.
Oversee and supervise all functions related to technology and ensures optimum support to all departments.

Conducts assessment of technology needs, hardware and software, and evolving requirements and translate into specific projects:
Provides adequate support to business initiatives and departments within the Bank
Develops the annual IT plan in line with the Bank’s strategy, and provide guidance, expertise and resources for cost effective implementation
Formulates the IT policies and procedures
Provides technology assistance and support to staff as well as assess staff’s technical capabilities to meet the Bank’s application requirements
Documents and implements a Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery strategy
Establishes a complete IT Infrastructure to support business strategy and operations
Ensures the proper implementation of the established policies and procedures
Prepares relevant periodic reports related to the department function, as and when requested by Senior Management
Provides advisory services to Senior Management on technology issues that affect the business, and suggests the appropriate and cost effective business systems solutions
Oversees review of suitable systems based on user requirements
Ensures formulation of a disaster recovery plan with emphasis on systems and data recovery
Manages data security protocols and standards; and processes to monitor those standards
Supervises monitoring and management of the physical computer environment as well as adequate measurement and monitoring of core database quality
Ensures adequate management in the transfer and the uploading of data from staff
Ensures the proper development and implementation of the IT infrastructure capacity plans
Identifies technology solution opportunities to enable greater product development and improve technical innovation and sustainability
Ensures adequate management of IT vendors and license agreements as well as development of new product concepts
Manages the implementation of acquired software solutions and hardware infrastructure, and obtain feedback from users to determine the system’s effectiveness.
Ensures security of system integration and functional recovery systems
Ensures the regular verification and control of programs to avoid and resolve any occurring problems
Ensures proper organization, storage back-up and maintenance of the Bank’s computerized files
Supervises implementation and monitoring of security configuration to ensure that security policy is adhered to at all times.
Ensures adequate management of IT risks and enhancement of the overall system security
Ensures consistent monitoring and reporting on system performance and usage in agreed timeframes
Conducts review and approval of periodic progress reports on IT activities
Supervises the development of application enhancements and development standards and processes to ensure effective alignment between the applications and business requirements
Supervises the employees training programs on the use of new applications or procedures
Oversees the development, application, updating and maintenance of all IT systems
Ensures consistent update of the latest IT systems and applications in order to enhance the performance of the existing integrated systems
Ensures that technology solutions and appropriate infrastructure to support business needs are well maintained
Ensures management of the data center operations
Ensures appropriate implementation of applications such as the loan processing system, planning for user requirement study, design, coding, user acceptance testing and deployment

A Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer sciences / Engineering, Systems engineering or any related discipline
A post graduate degree in any IT  related field is an advantage
Membership in ITIL, CISSP, SSCP, CIPP, CISM, CRISC, CSALPT or any related certification
Minimum of 10 years working experience in an IT role is required of which at least 6 should be at managerial level


In-depth knowledge of leading practices in IT security standards / frameworks
Excellent knowledge of IT security issues relating to key platforms
In-depth knowledge of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, antivirus solutions and end point protection
Strong understanding of IT operating systems
Knowledge of integrated business applications software such as Enterprise wide applications
Adequate knowledge of information and knowledge management
Understanding of the business and IT strategy implementation
Expertise in Disaster Recovery, software integration, IT security and Configuration management
Demonstrates expertise in Application administration and support
Expertise in Capacity, Change, Availability, Incident, Service level, Supplier, Change and Release management
Demonstrates expertise in IT Service Continuity

Any City, Nigeria

To provide oversight for planning, evaluation, knowledge management and monitoring. Identify performance indicators, develop quality assurance strategies and ensure all aspects of the business comply with institutional requirements. Conduct applied research that will aid PFIs in developing products targeted at achieving the Bank objectives.

Ensures maintenance of positive contact between the institution and key stakeholders
Makes operational decisions and manages the various components of the program dealing with M&E data collection, verification and reporting;
Keeps a--- of developments in changes and progress in order to advise and recommend tools and strategies to increase performances and results
Establishes and identifies suitable indicators for effective monitoring of all business areas
Establishes and implements an effective system to monitor progress, impacts and successes of activities and performance at all levels
Develops management plan setting out specific quantifiable performance indicators and targets for overall objectives and activities and establishing monitoring systems to measure progress
Provides recommendations for innovative solutions to streamline monitoring, evaluation and other operational function
Highlights and escalates critical issues and their implications to management for rapid intervention
Implements the monitoring plan for the organisation, producing a risk profile/heat-map to assess priority areas and enable effective scheduling of monitoring reviews
Implements corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues
Ensures adherence of the institution to the relevant legal regulations, industry standards and organizational policies
Implements feedback, and assessments from relevant key stakeholders to inform changes in approaches and updates
Oversees the timely disposition of all issues raised/observed in the course of compliance review
Determines the level of implementation and resolutions of recommendations
Ensures that all corporate financial procedures and practices are adhered and to and applied consistently
Oversees implementation of recommendations across the business units
Coordinates communication and follow-up of Board / Management decisions on highlights to SBUs
Conducts impact assessments, baseline studies, surveys and need assessments to identify necessary changes and future opportunities for the institution
Oversees data collection, analysis and reporting on performance indicators by other business unit leaders
Collaborates in the preparation of quarterly technical and financial reports


A Bachelor's Degree in Law, Social Sciences or any other related discipline.
A Master's or post graduate Degree in Law or a business related field is required.
Membership of any recognized body such as Chartered Institute of Bankers/ Finance and/or Nigeria Bar Association/ Association of Arbitration and Mediation is an advantage.
Minimum of 10 years working experience in a compliance / regulatory role in a financial environment is required of which at least 4 should be at managerial level.


Understanding of financial investigation principles and practice
Knowledge of risk management techniques
Understanding of banking practice and related policy issues, their implications and applications
Understanding of financial and accounts statement
Deep knowledge of local and international laws and rights
Knowledge of relevant evaluation model/tools
Knowledge of financial products
Understanding of credit analysis, banking operations, money and capital market operations, foreign exchange operations, auditing / examination practices and techniques
Budgeting and cost management
Demonstrates expertise in monitoring and evaluation methodologies and processes
Technical expertise in report writing
Demonstrates expertise in credit analysis, banking operations, money and capital market operations, foreign exchange operations, auditing / examination practices and techniques
Expertise in research methods and practices.

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DUE DATE: 14 July, 2017


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