Career ownership is an investment. It's like owning a business and making effort to grow it. Owning your career is an ongoing process involving self-trust, responsibility, and personal accountability.
Once you begin to think about it this way and make effort to grow in your profession, you're certainly taking the right steps to become the CEO of your career.
So, to be in control of your career, here are steps you need to take to achieve your dreams.
1. Take full responsibility for your career
It's important you take full responsibility for your career if you want to be in control of it.
To own your career, you'll need to take full responsibility for your career journey. You can achieve this when you stop relying heavily on others to determine your career path. You should be responsible for the direction your job takes, don't let it be teleguided by anyone.
While it's true you will need someone's help along the line, you've got to be very careful not to put all your trust into promises made by others.
2. Define your career goals 
You need to ask these important questions before make a career choice.
Don't just learn new skills without having career plans. It's important you identify what you want to achieve before the end of the year and upskill yourself to achieve the goals you've set for the year.
At this point, it's important you ask yourself these questions: Where am I headed? Where am I now? How close am I to my target? Answering these questions might help you get a better understanding of your career journey.
3. Invest in yourself
''Invest In Yourself'' is the best career advice you can get.
The best piece of advice you'll ever get from any mentor or career coach is; Invest in yourself. These were the same words of wisdom Warren Buffett offered to new graduates about to enter the workplace in 2018.
To add to your career development, it's important you invest in books, training, workshops, conferences and online courses even if you have to pay for them. These are the best ways to upskill and strategically prepare yourself for an interesting career journey.
What else are you waiting for?
Having read this, you need to start taking steps to own your career this year. You can be the manager of your career once you upskill, set and achieve your goal. The only thing that can stop you is you. 
So, get ready to acquire new knowledge, skills, and abilities that are in align with what your industry demands and take control of your career.