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How to successfully change your career in your 30's

A worried career woman needs advice 
If you find yourself doing the same job for so many years, you may like to consider a career change. But when you're over 30, you may feel too old to begin a new career. But hey, that's not very true.
You can make a decision to have a career switch no matter how old you are.
According to a Recruitment Consultant and Candidate Testing and Assessment Expert at Jobberman Nigeria, John Bassey Raymond, whoever is considering a career change in his/her 30s has to think carefully about it. 
''The person should be ready to stoop in order to begin a new career because not having experience on the new career might mean starting from the bottom of the ladder''. Raymond said in a chat with Pulse.
So, before you make the decision, you need to consider the following factors.
1. Upskill
If you're looking forward to switching your career, you've got to start upskilling now. Don't delay it. Learning new skills will prepare and position you for a job in the prospective industry you have in mind.
How do I upskill? It's not hard. With the internet, trust me, you can learn anything. All you need to do is to search for it on google, read about it. If you're a visual learner, go on Youtube, watch videos tutorials about the skill you want to learn. You can also register for an online course and get a certificate in a relevant course. 
2. Identify your transferable skills
If you want to get a job in a new industry, it's important you learn the skills that'll make you relevant in that industry. But to make it easier for yourself, you'll probably need to see how you can transfer your current career skills into the new one.
Soft skills like communication, time management, organisation and leadership apply to any job. Just find a way to apply them in your new career.
John Bassey Raymond says ''Having transferable skills from a previous experience could mean the icing on the cake for some employers looking for such combination. For instance, an employer might be looking for an Accountant with HR experience or an HR with Accounting or Digital Marketing experience''. 
3. Get a mentor
Seeking Professional Advice: Having a mentor can help you grow in your new career.
To set yourself up for success in a field you're not familiar with, you'll need to have a trusted mentor or a coach in that field who'll take time to guide and give you tips and thorough advice about the field.


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