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Current Recruitment at The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC)

The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) was established on 22 May 1964 in N’Djamena, Republic of Chad. The Commission was created upon recognizing the need to formulate principles of the utilization of resources of the Basin for economic purposes, including the harnessing of water resources. The mandate of the Commission is to sustainably and equitably manage the Lake Chad and other shared water resources of the Lake Chad Basin. Preserve the ecosystems of the Lake Chad Conventional Basin, to promote regional integration, peace and security across the Basin.
The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) is seeking to recruit, for its headquarters in Ndjamena (Republic of Chad):

Job Description
The Executive Secretariat of the LCBC is currently searching for a HEAD OF DIVISION, HUMAN RESOURCES AND ADMINISTRATION.
The responsibilities of the position include particularly (but are not limited to):
  • •Ensure a close rapport with the strategic development and the requirements of the LCBC;
  • •Ensure that HR practices are in alignment with LCBC ́s strategy;
  • •Monitor the annual HR budget in terms of finance and the staff appointment scheme;
  • •Ensure compliance with organisational rules;
  • •Supervise and monitor the recruitment and retention of a talented and diverse workforce;
  • •Inform and advice the management on new HR developments;
  • •Implement Learning and Development Plans;
  • •Oversee plans and supervise organisational succession planning and key performance indicators (kpi ́s);
  • •Advise the management to ensure an employee-and performance oriented culture for the LCBC;
  • •Provide an annual HR report;
  • •Ensure the competitive level of wages on the labour market,
  • •Focus promotion on performance;
  • •Ensure compliance with the collective agreement and labour law;
  • •Provide leadership and guidance for following clusters reporting to the position: Planning and Development; HR Administration.
  • •Under the guidance and direct supervision of Director Finance and Administration, the Head of Division is responsible for providing advice to Senior Management on implementation of HR strategies, effective delivery of HR services and management of the Commission’s HR Unit.
  • •S/he assesses client needs, interprets and applies HR strategies and policies, rules and regulations, establishes internal procedures and provides solutions to a wide spectrum of complex HR issues.
  • •The HoDHR promotes a collaborative, client-oriented approach and contributes to the maintenance of staff morale.
  • •The HoDHRA supervises and leads staff and support Human Resources. S/He works in close collaboration with the Programmes, and project teams in the Commission, Field offices and donors as necessary to analyse strategic business needs, formulate HR strategies and implement corporate Human Resources programs to attract, develop, motivate and retain the most suitable talent at the Commission and ensure successful performance management. Reporting line:The Head of Division, Human Resources and Administration reports to the Director of Administration and Finance
Qualification and Experience
  • Masters’ degree in Human Resources or Public Administration or Law;
  • •Certification or Experience in Programme management, Procurement, HR, Accounting and Finance an added advantage
  • •15 years of relevant experience at the national or international level in providing HR advisory services and/or managing staff and operational systems;
  • •International Experience in conflict settings;Knowledge of Staff Regulations and Rules and Personnel Guidelines;
  • •Experience in developing HR Policies & Procedures, rules and regulations in an international organization;
  • •Experience in developing Performance management systems desirable,
  • •Experience in HR planning desirable,
  • •Experience acquired in the private and public sector or an NGO, preferably in a multicultural setting, would be an advantage.
  • •The Mastery of IT tools, i. e. MS Office and other specialized software is required;
  • •Have good organizational skills and be able to prioritize and multi-task.
  • •Good communication skills Experience acquired in the public and private sectors as well as within a multicultural team.
  • •Languages: Fluency in English and/or French;
  • •Maximum age: 53 years

Job Description
The Executive Secretariat of the LCBC is currently searching for a HEAD OF DIVISION, FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING.
The responsibilities of the position include particularly (but are not limited to):
  • Ensure strategic directions of financial management and financial oversight;
  • Effective planning, monitoring and management of Commission’s financial resources;
  • Ensure compliance of financial management in the Commission with financial regulations;
  • Develop operational procedures for financial management and oversight.
  • Designs and establishes systems, tools and mechanisms to improve financial management and oversight:
  • Ensure provision of timely, accurate, and consistent and integrated financial data and analysis for decision-making aimed at enhancing financial control and reducing opportunities for discretion in the use of donor funds.
  • Oversee consistent analysis,forecasting and planning of all Commission financial resources (management and development projects),
  • Oversee budget preparation and budget implementation processes, ensure consistency of planning mechanisms and formats with LCBC corporate systems and procedures;
  • Oversee adequate expenditure analysis, tracking and recording of expenditures as well as accurate documentation of financial information.
  • Oversees timely reporting on all funds ensuring that correct procedures and formats are adhered to.
  • Oversees recording and reconciliation processes ensuring that appropriate actions and tools are applied;
  • Plan as well as oversee implementation of cost-saving and cost-recovery.
  • Ensure that TOMPRO financial mechanisms are implemented in line with the LCBC policies and guidelines.
  • Oversee end-of-year financial closure processes;
  • Support HR by providing training on financial management and reporting of expenditures. Reporting line:The Head of Division and Accounting reports to the Director of Administration and Finance.
Qualifications and Experiences
  • Masters’ degree in Finance, Accounting, Business or Administration or related field is required.
  • Professional Membership is highly desirable.
  • At least 15 years of relevant progressively advancing professional experience in all aspects of financial management (financial planning, budgeting, accounting, financial analysis, reporting, internal control) in international organizations or in the private sector in positions at the corporate level (project level experience is not applicable for this position);
  • 10 years of professional experience in a managerial and supervisory position in a similar context;
  • Experience in management of large financial resources (minimum USD 100 million annual volume);
  • Demonstrated ability to analyse and solve complex financial problems, formulate policies and implement change;
  • IT Skills
  • MS office applications, web-based management information systems,
  • Experience with TOMPAIE is an asset;
  • Mastery of IT tools, i. e. MS Office and specialized software is required;
  • Good personal organization with the ability to set priorities effectively;
  • Ability to rapidly adapt to change;
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience in the public or private sector
  • Experience with multicultural team. Languages: Fluency in English and/or French;
  • Maximum age: 53 years

Job Title: Translator
Reporting Line: The Head of Division of Information and Communication Technology (DTIC).
Job Description
In a bid to strengthen its staff, LCBC is recruiting two (2) Translators to serve at its Executive Secretariat located in N’Djamena, Republic of Chad. The language combinations sought are as follows:-English A, French B;-French A, English B; The responsibilities of the position include:
  • •Translate all LCBC working documents into either language while ensuring a high degree of accuracy, professionalism, faithfulness to the spirit, style, syntax, register and subtle undertones of the source and target languages;
  • •Provide consecutive or simultaneous interpretation at LCBC meetings and conferences;
  • •Edit, standardize, revise and finalize translation work initiated by other potential employees and freelancers before submission; advise and motivate them in order to strengthen their capacities and improve their performance (quality work, productivity, deadlines, etc.)
  • •Accurately translate texts from various LCBC areas of intervention, including water resources, environment, fisheries, agriculture, livestock, security, etc.; while ensuring a2high level of accuracy, professionalism, faithfulness to the spirit and style ofthe source language;
  • •Develop translation tools while ensuring standards for accuracy, consistency, cohesion, semantics, style, syntax, etc.
  • •Develop legal, technical and scientific glossaries relating to the various fields of intervention of LCBC;
  • •Consult experts in specialized fields to develop specialized knowledge in these fields for quality translation or interpretation;
  • •Ensure quality control of rendering;•Perform any other task assigned to him or her by hierarchy.
Qualifications, experiences and required skills
  • •Masters in Translation or Conference Interpretation or any other recognised equivalent certificate;
  • •Five (05) years of continuous practice in translation with proven experience in simultaneous interpretation, or conference interpretation, preferably within an international organization or similar structure;
  • •Candidates must have strong skills and proven experience in the field of technical translation;
  • •Candidates must know how to retrieve information and how to identify essential information (documentary research);
  • •Perfect command of the A language and excellent working knowledge of the B language, both written and spoken;
  • •Ability to demonstrate excellent translation or conference interpretation skills; high level of accuracy, consistency and faithfulness to the spirit, style and subtle undertones of the original text or speech with a good understanding and mastery of the subject;
  • •Mastery of the jargon of the LCBC’s various fields of intervention;•Demonstrate a high level of judgement and discretion;
  • •Be motivated by professionalism rather than personal values;
  • •Ability to use all reference, consultation and information sources related to the text at hand;
  • •Ability to work under pressure while maintaining a constant pace and volume of work;
  • •Collaborate with other colleagues to achieve the objectives of LCBC;
  • •Solicit and value the ideas and skills of others;•Ability to use the wide range of vocabulary and the most appropriate professional, scientific or technical concepts and terms;
  • •Have a high level of knowledge and understanding of a wide range of topics;
  • •Excellent ability to write in the A language and proven ability to revise;
  • •Ability to plan and organize work;•Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a clear, audible and readable manner;
  • •Ability to work on one’s own initiative as well as a member of a team of translators or interpreters;
  • •Mastery of translator research techniques and ability to use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. Proficiency in SDL Trados Studio 2019 translation software is an asset;
  • •Perseverance in the face of difficult problems or challenges;•Ability to adapt to stress and change;
  • •Excellent interpersonal skills;•Willingness to share knowledge and information with colleagues;
  • •Ability to work quickly, accurately and calmly under time pressure;
  • •Ability to promote harmonious working relationships;
  • •Ability to adapt quickly to new concepts of translatology, terminology and semiology and to commit to continuous learning of these new techniques;
  • •Ability to work tactfully in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment while observing respect for diversity:
  • •Excellent analytical and knowledge acquisition skills in a wide range of specialized fields;
  • •Knowledge of a third official language of the basin is a major asset;
  • •Maximum age: 45 years

How to Apply
Complete application files should be emailed to the Office of the Executive Secretary of LCBC, no later than 15 October 2019, at the following address :, and should include the following documents:
  •  A handwritten application,
  •  A letter of motivation,
  •  A certificate of non-conviction not more than 3 months old,
  •  A certificate of nationality,
  •  Employment certificates,
  •  Certified true copies of certificates,
  •  A signed CV,
  •  Two passport-size photographs.
NB: Contract Duration: Three years, renewable


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