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Career Opportunities at The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA)

The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) is an independent humanitarian medical NGO that was created in 2009 by professionals of humanitarian medicine. ALIMA’s mission is to provide medical care in emergency situations or medical catastrophes.
We are recruiting to fill the positions below:

Job Title: Medical Team Leader / Medical Referent
Location: Monguno, Borno
Report to (technical): Medical coordinator/Deputy Medical coordinator
Report to (functional): Report to (functional)
Job Description
  • Participate in the definition, planning and monitoring of medical activities and programs in the field in accordance with ALIMA protocols, and coordinate the human and material resources needed to ensure the quality of medical care provided by ALIMA.
  • Ensure actively in the Monguno project that ALIMA’s charter, policies and image are respected with regards to national employees, populations, authorities and partners.
  • With support of the PC, steer and supervise the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project in collaboration with the project team and according to the internal and donor indicators in order to evaluate the level of achievement of the project objectives.
  • Participate in different meetings on the management of the project: Cluster meeting, technical meetings… in order to maintain effective and good collaboration with different stakeholders and improve thereby the implementation of the project.
  • Provide and redact reporting (medical sitrep) to the medical coordination and project coordinator on project’s evolution and propose corrections if needed.
  • Provide inputs on the budget processes and participate in the monitoring of the budget holding of the approved yearly budget.
  • Ensure that excellent communication and effective working relationships are maintained between ALIMA and partners.
  • Ensure that skilled, highly motivated and duly registered (by respective professional regulator bodies) health staffs are provided to the project to support ALIMA staff. In the same view, ensure the quality of the recruitment processes, follow up and coaching of staff is maintained.
  • Supervise full implementation of safety and health protocols, reporting to the Medical Coordination on risky behaviours, in order to ensure safe working conditions for the project staff.
  • Collaborate with the coordination team for the international medical orders.
  • Assist medical team members when they have questions or problems, and oversees medical team member work for quality and guidelines compliance.
  • Ensure a data collection and epidemiological surveillance system, in agreement with the medical coordination, in order to define medical and technical programs and preventive protocols for the targeted population.
  • Manage the project pharmacy to ensure efficiency and validate medical orders to the central for project activities.
  • Implement the health policy for national staff; provides all prophylactic and preventive necessary measures, structures and emergency plans; manages any medical evacuation in order to ensure ALIMA staff health.
  • In collaboration of the MONGUNO LGA management team, ensure that all dispositions necessary for the trainings of MoH staff from LGA’s are provided, in accordance of the project objectives.
  • Contribute to the operation and running of any research projects where appropriate by providing clinical advice on the relevance of research projects and attending research team meetings.
  • Perform any other duty as assigned by the organization through the head of the medical department/Project
  • ALIMA is a humanitarian organization involved in emergency programs;
  • All ALIMA staff must be flexible and willing to assist in ALIMA operations as and when required.
The Job description is subject to amendment depending on the ongoing requirements of the project. Failure to respect the rules and responsibilities mentioned in this job description in the internal rules, or in the contract will be sanctioned.
  • Essential: A Medical Doctor Diploma.
  • Essential: minimum of 2 years experience as a similar position in medical activities related jobs.
  • Desirable: working experience in ALIMA or other NGO’s in developing countries.
  • Experience in the position of referent doctor
  • Project experience combining hospital and OPD activities
  • Mission language essential ( English), local language desirable.
  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel, internet)
  • People Management.
  • Results.
  • Teamwork.

  • Commitment
  • Flexibility.
  • Contract term: contract under French law, 3 months, renewable
  • Desired Start Date: As soon as possible
  • Salary: Depending on experience
  • Minimum net salary: 2000 Euros per month
ALIMA Pays for:
  • Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location
  • Accommodation costs
  • Medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee
  • Evacuation of the employee.
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Medical Referent – Lassa Fever
Location: Owo, Ondo
  • In Nigeria, ALIMA is running four health and nutrition projects in Borno State: Monguno, Baga and Maiduguri, Research and Lassa fever response in Ondo State, OWO. ALIMA’s teams in Nigeria represent about 40 expatriates and 300 national staff.
Post Typology
  • Report to (Direct): Project Coordinator
  • Report to (Functional): Desk Medical Manager
  • Staff Reporting to him: the medical team in the Lassa ward (medical doctors and nurses) in a technical way, and in collaboration with the hospital management in a hierarchical way.
  • The doctor is collaborating with the hospital management.
Mission and Main Activities
  • The Medical referent is responsible for the case management of patients in the Lassa ward, in accordance with the context, the protocols in force at ALIMA and the universal hygiene standards while ensuring the respect of the quality and continuity of the patient’s care. He is responsible for the medical team management and organization of activities in the Lassa ward.
  • The doctor is also responsible for the training of the medical team to infectious diseases management (antimicrobial therapy), intensive care (in the limit of what is feasible in the setting of the Infection Control Centre) and basic principles of acute kidney injury and renal replacement therapy.
Responsibilities of the Function
Medical activities:
  • Apply medical knowledge and skills to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Lassa fever (based on clinical examinations, laboratory results and available tests)
  • Perform the daily medical tour of patients in isolation ward
  • Propose and ensure the implementation of the appropriate treatment, in accordance with ALIMA’s recommendations and protocols, and consult the ALIMA medical referent for any particular or delicate case
  • Provide quality medical follow-up
  • Check the smooth running of medical activities in isolation (correct medication administration, adequate follow-up of patients …)
  • Apply hygiene standards in all medical activities as stipulated in the protocols
  • Keep the patient and family informed of any changes, and communicate the information to the psychosocial service manager
  • Work with the nurse supervisor and the team leader and tell them what the needs are in terms of medical equipment and medicines
  • Supervise triage (follow-up of notification forms, patient interview, list symptoms, substantial investigation, including contacts), admission, transfer and discharge of patients
  • Ensure the correct identification and location of suspected and confirmed patients in the Lassa Treatment Center and other departments of the hospital
  • Ensure that any patient who shows signs of seriousness is consulted within less than one hour and take all necessary measures for their proper management
  • Supervise the follow-up of admissions of Lassa patients at the administrative level (sheet, register, medical file …) and medical (prescription, administration …) and ensure the oral and written transmission of this information
  • Refer patients who do not meet the case definition
  • Organize information sessions with the patient and his family on the management of Suspect / Confirmation in collaboration with the health promotion and psycho-social team
  • Respect medical confidentiality and data confidentiality
  • Respect and participate in the respect of the operating rules of the center (in terms of hygiene, circuit …)
  • Participate in the identification of new needs, in terms of drugs and medical facilities, according to the pathologies encountered during practice, is responsible of medical order with the med DESK.
  • Participate in medical discussions based on knowledge and area of his/her expertise
  • Organize medical activities in collaboration with the nurses and the medical team (roster for nurses and doctor)
  • In accordance with the WHO, NCDC (updated in November 2018), national and ALIMA guidelines, and in order to ensure the quality and continuity of care, when the physician is not in service, he may need to define treatment protocols or to adapt treatments that nurses will have to implement
Monitoring, analyse and report:
  • Participate in the development of the action plan
  • Monitor medical activities, analyse them in context by adopting a public health approach, and if necessary make proposals on their possible evolution
  • Report immediately to the technical representative any problem arising in the service, particularly the loss / theft / degradation of medical facilities or medicines
  • Immediately report any incident of exposure that occurred in the Center to the medical referee and participate in the post-exposure care.
The doctor is responsible for the organization of training sessions for the medical team with a focus on the following topics:
  • Principles of antimicrobial therapy (including good clinical practices)
  • Management of patient with acute infectious diseases including intensive care (in the limit of what is feasible in the setting of the Infection Control Centre)
  • Basic principles of acute kidney injury diagnosis and management, including renal replacement therapy
  • Management of highly infectious patients requiring renal replacement therapy (for nephrology department team and more particularly for nurses in charge of dialysis sessions.
Experience and Skills
  • Medical Doctor Degree, reanimation or internal medicine specialisation
  • Desirable working experience with International medical NGO in developing countries.
  • Working experience in Ebola or Lassa Fever outbreak or other viral hemorrhagic fever.
  • Desirable: Experience in tropical medicine, or post-registration experience in Public Health, obs and gynae, paediatrics, A&E, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS/STDs, TB, general practice, general medicine or minor surgery.
  • English Speaking, reading and writing, mandatory. French is an asset.
  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel, internet)
  • Negotiation skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills, team work
  • Contract term: contract under French law, 4 months, renewable
  • Desired start date: As soon as possible
  • Depending on experience
  • Minimum net salary for non-Europeans: 2 000 Euros per month, social contributions and taxes are the direct responsibility of the employee
  • Minimum gross salary for Europeans: 2 047 Euros per month, social contributions are deducted from the gross salary by ALIMA and paid to the relevant administrations, taxes are the direct responsibility of the employee
  • Perdiem.
ALIMA pays for:
  • Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location
  • Accommodation costs
  • Medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee
  • Evacuation of the employee.
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Country Pharmacist Manager – M / F
Location: Maiduguru, Borno & other projects of ALIMA (currently in Monguno, Baga, Askira-Uba, Jere LGA)
Reports to (technical): Medical Coordinator-Nigeria
Mission and Main Activities
  • Coordinate, deployes and supervise all pharmacy related activities in the Mission, according to ALIMA standards and values, the Medical Coordinator instructions, national and international laws and regulations, in order to ensure the quality and proper organization of medical procurement processes, procedures and protocols, the proper management of project medical stocks and, in collaboration with the Medical Coordinator, the proper use of medicines and medical equipment
  • He is the right-hand man of the medical coordinator concerning the pharmacy.
To the Country’s Medical Authorities:
  • Support MedCo in representing and defending ALIMA’s interests before the Ministry of Health and other local authorities or local suppliers for any issue concerning pharmaceutical supply, in order to ensure stock procurement in the mission & projects while accomplishing national laws and regulations and following ALIMA protocols.
  • Ensure a close follow up of the National Process for drugs importation (NAFDAC list) and Support the Medical Coordinator in order to validate a national pharmacy at Abuja or Lagos to ensure good quality of local medical purchases for those items under NAFDAC control and prohibited for importation.
  • Monitor closely the national drug supply, especially for projects in which ALIMA works closely with the Ministry of Health.
  • Support and participate in all drug and medical material supply processes and facilitate correct stock management and transport/storage procedures, in order to ensure the availability of stock in all projects avoiding expiries/overstocks and stock-outs and ensuring its overall efficiency and rationalization.
Data Collection and Analysis:
  • Collecting and analyzing stock indicators according to physical records and logistic software (stock levels, pre-stock-outs, over-stocking, donations, expired products, not moving stock disposal) across different projects and together with the medical coordinator take corrective decisions when necessary according to ALIMA procedures and national legislation (specifically in case of expired drugs)
  • Responsible for follow-up of loans/donations
  • Collects, verifies and analysis monthly consumption statistics and data and other data and indicators for reporting (monthly, quarterly).
Management of Drugs and Medical Equipment:
  • Provides technical support to the pharmacy on all issues related to pharmaceutical information, drug use (protocols and rational use), side effect management, compliance issues, etc.
  • Carries out regular technical visits to project sites to ensure the proper organization of activities and the management of the pharmacies of the various projects.
  • Coordinate the running of the pharmacies across the mission, ensuring the proper implementation of and proper use according to ALIMA protocols of pharmacy management and monitoring tools (daily monitoring sheets, order forms,), procedures and dispensing practices to be followed by all staff, in order to ensure the quality of the service given to the population
  • Ensures that all inventories of drugs and medical devices exist and are updated, and participates in reporting according to ALIMA guidelines (Sitrep, medical statistical reports, etc.)
  • Ensure the appropriate storage and management of stocks of narcotic and psychotropic drugs, in accordance with national legislation, and allow the traceability of these products in particular
  • Reports on the use of drugs and medical devices distributed according to protocols, reporting anomalies.
Medical Supplies and Orders:
  • Follow the QUAMED process for the validation of National Pharmacies
  • Function as technical Pharmacy support regarding all questions related to pharmaceutical information (NAFDAC list for importation), medication use (protocols and rational drug use), management of side effects, adherence issues etc.
  • Follows the procurement procedure and takes any necessary corrective measures, maintains regular communication with medical, logistical, HR and financial departments regarding the management of medical supplies and pharmacy.
  • Assists the Medical Coordinator to ensure that local medical purchases are made from approved sources.
  • Support the Medical Coordinator regarding the follow-up of EPREP planning, composition and maintenance of medical emergency kits
  • Collaborating in budgeting and preparing drug and other medical material orders together with Medical and Logistic Coordinators.
Human Resources Management:
  • Plan and supervise, in close coordination with the Pharmacy Manager, HR department, the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required
  • In case of integration of medical stock under the supply, this includes providing support to Supply Log in this capacity to ensure the medical stock and pharmacy management according to recommended guide lines/procedures
  • Ensure that the work of pharmacy teams in the various projects is well organized according to program requirements.
  • Carry out at least once a year the evaluation of his direct collaborator (mission pharmacy supervisor).
  • Leads and organizes regular meetings of his team.
Experience and Skills
  • Essential: Pharmacy Degree / Pharmacy Management Diploma
  • Registered Pharmacist + Driving license
  • Essential two years experience in pharmacy management in hospital
  • Previous experience with ALIMA or other NGO’s in developing countries is desirable
Required Skills:
  • Advanced knowledge in Pharmacy Management and “Isystock”
  • Essential computer literacy (Excel, Word, Outlook and Internet)
  • Well organized with good negotiation and communication skill
  • Ability to work as part of a team, a part of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team, in emergency and under pressure, to manage stress easily and result oriented
  • Can work and create teamwork, flexible, and committed to the assigned position
  • Interest in and commitment to ALIMA’s activities, enthusiasm to represent the organization to others, to travel to different regions of Nigeria
  • Languages: English compulsory, others are an asset.
  • Contract term: contract under French law, 6 months.
  • Desired Start Date: As soon as possible
  • Salary: Depending on experience
  • Minimum net salary: 1905 Euros per month,
ALIMA Pays for
  • Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location
  • Accommodation Costs
  • Medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee.
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Note: We process applications as they are received. If an application matches our search, the offer can therefore be closed early

Application Deadline  23rd December, 2019.


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