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Customer Success Associate at Quidax

Quidax is a cryptocurrency exchange for Africa. We are the only exchange in Nigeria that allows our users to buy and sell a range of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin) directly with their local bank account or debit card. Our vision, which is at the core of what we do every day at Quidax, is to build a world where sending money and value around the globe is as easy as sending a text message.
We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Customer Success Associate
Location: Lagos
About the Role
  • The job of customer success is to ensure the customer is happy and their life navigating through our application is smoother and their problems are solved once they arise but preferably before they arise. If we built the best product (chances are we have) and we have a rockstar marketing team, there would be absolutely no point if all we have is a bunch of pissed off angry customers who use our product once and swear to never return.
  • This means having true feelings for the customer, and it goes beyond lip service or interview answers because it shows and it matters. It means having the patience to understand behind every email is a person with a life and real-life issues, that completing that transaction they want to on Quidax might be the difference between their family going hungry that night and happy healthy children. While you are responding to customers and ensuring they are happy, you are analysing the customer complaints and using data to ensure that the product team builds out solutions that ensure the customers have a delightful experience.
  • The team is building up to be the largest team within Quidax mostly because the demands and expectation of the team is a lot. You would most likely at some point be expected to work night shifts as we move the team into shifts so that we have support available for our customers round the clock. The sheer volume of the work can be a lot at times, you would have a very supportive team around you to navigate those times. We are also working towards a situation where everyone on the team has work but enough free time to actually live their lives. While we are not there yet, we are work in progress.
  • Quidax is hiring a Customer Success Associate, Kene says the CS role is one that bridges the gap between the customer and your employer who pays your salary because the customer allows them to.
  • It’s actually quite apt, for the CS team, we are mostly looking for people who are passionate about the customer and cares deeply enough to fight everyone from product to engineering to the CEO for the customer.
  • Ideally, because we care a lot about the customer you shouldn’t need to fight, but if it comes to it, we need the person who would always come out guns blazing for the customer.
  • The core of the role is to ensure the customer has a smooth journey through our products and in the case where there is a hiccup on their part or ours, we iron it out and ensure it doesn’t repeat itself.
  • This is a role for someone who has experience in customer success or worked in support for a large scale consumer product / service (B2C), ideally an organization with 200k+ customers. Even though they are not the same, a great person with character and experience in either would fit in nicely into the role.
Here’s an example of what your day to day at Quidax might look like:
  • Prepare analysis on the top 3 issues customers are facing
  • Pass it to the product team to factor into their roadmap and give it highest priority
  • Join the book club meeting
  • It differs from day-to-day.
  • Sync with your team lead on direction for the week/day
  • Respond to support tickets (relate with our 3rd party partners – shout/fight with them)
  • Make customers smile, pacify customers insulting us(sometimes)
  • Join in an argument about some random stuff
Job Requirements
  • We are big on openness and candour in the workplace, so if you see something that doesn’t make sense, it is your responsibility to say so. We are not afraid to disagree and argue about things so far we are doing it with purpose to bring out the best idea and not bring people down.
  • We also like to have fun, we can look quite chilled, our interviews can be really great and funny experiences if you are not too wound up, we try to make you loosen up in the first couple of minutes and just have a conversation and not just give generic interview answers, we hate those. We are fans of alcohol and the parties (after work hours) so if your thing is shots, beer or both, you are in good company.
  • We are a cryptocurrency company, building to be the most influential crypto company in Africa, but it isn’t a crime to not know jack about cryptocurrency, every single person here learnt and we are more than happy to teach.
  • We are a company of learners in a lot of ways. We don’t expect you to be perfect so we would prefer if you were hungry and willing to learn. We like humble people too.
  • We are looking for people who are driven, patient and empathetic. We are looking for the person who the customer would say you are an idiot and they wouldn’t wonder how would they say such a thing to me but rather why is the customer upset, we must have done something to upset them.
  • We are very big on discipline as one of our core values, because we believe it is the soul of an army and it can make great things happen in the long run. So we have rules that have consequences attached to them and then we encourage everyone to govern themselves to do what is required and go over and beyond in service of the customers.
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply
Additional Information
  • We would only get back to you after the deadline has passed, or maybe when the position has definitely been filled so that we can give room for last-minute additions or drop-off.
  • We are excited and waiting to hear from you, please apply via the link below
  • Please send an application tailored to the role that speaks to us. A lot of people send in bland generic applications and it is easy and very helpful to stand out especially when someone has been going through 100 applications, endeavor to make your application the breath of fresh air. We appreciate great writing, take time to put your application together.
  • We would most likely send you a test should you get through the application stage, please imagine you are already part of the team and walk us through your thinking about the problems we present.

Application Deadline 30th April, 2020.


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