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Latest Job Vacancies at WTS Energy



Current Vacancies at WTS Energy

WTS Energy provides recruitment and manpower services for the global oil and gas and energy industries. We supply engineers and consultants to our clients' projects and operations, and perform employment outsourcing services such as workforce management in oil and gas regions around the world. WTS Energy operates globally with offices in 14 countries and is operational in over 50 countries.

We are recruiting to fill the positions below:


Job Title: Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

Reference: 29021
Location: Delta State

Job Description

  • Coordinate, support and supervise all mechanical activities within the asset to ensure that the facilities (oil & gas) and equipment are maintained, reliable and consistent with company’s business objectives to achieve oil/gas production targets and gas supply agreement.
  • Perform mechanical inspections and interventions activities on pumps, compressors, gas/diesel engines, generators, etc. in line with planned schedules for flow station and gas plant facilities to ensure overall availability of the facilities to meet the Corporate production volumes.
  • Initiate, implement and manage the maintenance strategies based on best practices in the industry, with an emphasis on planning /scheduling preventive /corrective maintenance to sustain the integrity of the facilities and production to meet the Corporate production objectives.
  • Prepare reports, data and make recommendations for improving operations and solving maintenance related problems to meet production targets.
  • Negotiate a cost effective contract with key maintenance partners as a continuing effort to improve the quality of service offered and also develop a relationship with all existing maintenance partners to ensure good two-way communication concerning maintenance issues.
  • Track, analyse and improve key maintenance parameters such as asset utilisation, maintenance cost, schedule compliance, etc. to improve maintenance efficiency of the asset.
  • Plan and finalise maintenance budget in coordination with the Operations team taking into account the regular services offered to various arms of Production Operations and monitor budget to ensure production is achieved within the budget.
  • Communicate and liaise directly with the production Operations Team and other technical and specialist support in other Departments to coordinate maintenance and repair work and ensure a quick turn around and returns of repairs for smooth functioning of the facilities.
  • Identify, analyse, and assess causes of mechanical defects. Deal with defects and variations within the facilities and equipment to ensure the reliability of the facilities to meet business objectives.
  • Analyse, modify and recommend improvements to mechanical maintenance procedures within the facility and equipment to meet operational requirements and enhance productivity.
  • Ensure sufficient resources are available on site in good time to complete scheduled and breakdown activities in line with planned programme to minimise facility shutdown time and sustain production.
  • Supervise subordinates through guidance and advice on the job as may be required and propose subordinates for formal and informal training to close identified competence gaps to enhance productivity.


  • B.Sc / B.Eng Degree or HND in Engineering with a minimum of 5 years mechanical maintenance experience in the oil & gas industry.
  • Good understanding of Industry best practices and maintenance principles.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Metering Engineer

Reference: 29022
Location: Delta State

Job Description

  • Implement the requirements of Company`s metering policy and assume the responsibilities for the applicable metering and quality management inspection tasks to ensure metering integrity and prevent loss of revenue.
  • Provide specialist metering and associated quality management inspection (including custody transfers and fiscal metering systems) maintenance support to all assets to ensure production efficiency through accurate volume measurements.
  • Review and develop maintenance plans /work instructions for these systems and carry out audits and periodic analysis of maintenance and calibration activities to enhance metering integrity and maintain license to operate through regulatory compliance.
  • Maintain the corporate liquid and gas metering database and maintain traceable records for all Company`s metering system and routine recalibration to maintain technical integrity and enhance business objectives and add value to the Operations team, ensuring that produced oil & gas are correctly reported and measured, providing quality and maintenance checks to improve production efficiency.
  • Support field trials and evaluation of new metering instrumentation and manage the custodianship of software backup for metering and quality management inspection software to ensure continuous business activity and ensure metering integrity.
  • Keep abreast of new development in measuring technology and promote best practice sharing across the company and train operators on new developments in metering to enhance human capital development.
  • Ensure that periodical crude oil and gas meter proving exercise and the system recertification exercise (prover loop calibration etc.) are carried-out as provided for by the regulations (especially DPR regulations). Ensure the Monthly/Quarterly system validation of the Gas fiscal metering system are properly carried out with no issues with the Authorities and third parties in support of the business.
  • Ensure that all fiscal, legislative and allocation metering are maintained and operated to the standards required to satisfy contractual, legislative, and operational requirements in support of the business.
  • Carry out performance monitoring programs, including control charting and availability reporting and troubleshoot and investigate metering system failures utilizing root cause analysis to sustain meter reliability and integrity.
  • Interface with the Well Performance & Reservoir team, communicate the reliability of well test measurements and as required, assist the Process Engineer in carrying out metering related studies concerning environment, production, etc. to improve the business.


  • A minimum of B.Sc. Degree or HND in Instrumentation / Measurement & Control / Mechanical / Electrical / Petroleum Engineering and a minimum of 5 years technical professional with significant experience in oil and gas industry.
  • B. Sc/Eng degree or HND in Engineering with a minimum of 5 years mechanical maintenance experience in the oil & gas industry.
  • Good understanding of Industry best practices and maintenance principles.
  • Must possess good interpersonal, supervisory, communications, leading and coordinating skills.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Laboratory Chemist Lead

Reference: 29020
Location: Delta State

Job Description

  • Ensure daily management of the Company`s laboratory to meet all necessary analysis in crude oil Production, Water Injection, gas processing and process monitoring. The analysis could be carried out on daily, weekly or monthly basis using internationally accepted standards and method and complying with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Quality Management Systems (QMS) to support production and meet corporate objectives.
  • Manage the laboratory equipment and reagents to ensure that they are fit to meet the required analysis and supervise the calibration and in-house maintenance of basic laboratory equipment to support production and meet regulatory license.
  • Responsible for planning and execution of laboratory equipment maintenance by other third-party contractors to enhance availability of equipment and support production volume.
  • Supervise all the necessary reports of petroleum products analysis carried out and ensure they get to the Production Chemistry Manager as at when due and carry out QA/QC checks on all data generated from the laboratory to ensure reliability of data to support the business.
  • Generate and maintain all laboratory records in a safe and controlled manner and maintain an updated laboratory inventories to avoid stock out to support and enhance business improvement.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationship with internal and external laboratory contacts to ensure production volumes are delivered timely and in conformance to Production requirements.
  • Provide guidance and train Production Operators in some simple laboratory and equipment analysis that will help them improve on their understanding of some process operation of the asset as part of the human capital development to sustain production and life cycle asset integrity.
  • Champion all Company`s HSE issues as well as managing laboratory waste disposal, chemical spill and hazard waste management as it relates to laboratory operation including active participation in the Company`s SHICS program to enhance safety of personnel and environment and meet regulatory requirements for license to operate.
  • Assist Facility and Production Engineers in their effort to maintain the integrity of the facility by providing laboratory data/information as may be required to enhance production and support asset integrity in terms of internal corrosion management.
  • Alert the Production Chemistry Manager or Production Operations personnel immediately there is deviation in parameters set for the running of the plant through daily monitoring and analysis to sustain production
  • Provide support to the Production Chemistry Manager to deliver effectively in the ever increasing demands for analytical information and for succession planning.
  • Follow standard test procedures to determine physical and chemical properties of process products to ensure results meet quality control standards to sustain production.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A minimum of B.Sc Degree or HND in Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry and a minimum of 5years sampling and analytical experience oil and gas production chemistry laboratory.
  • Must possess analytical thinking and mind set, ability to work under pressure and innovative.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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