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Job Recruitment at Stanbic IBTC Bank

Stanbic IBTC Bank is a leading African banking group focused on emerging markets globally. It has been a mainstay of South Africa's financial system for 150 years, and now spans 16 countries across the African continent.

Standard Bank is a firm believer in technical innovation, to help us guarantee exceptional client service and leading edge financial solutions. Our growing global success reflects our commitment to the latest solutions, the best people, and a uniquely flexible and vibrant working culture. To help us drive our success into the future, we are looking for resourceful individuals to join our dedicated team at our offices.


Investment Banking provides clients with a range of advisory and financing solutions. in high-growth emerging markets, our expert advisers work on mergers and acquisitions, capital restructurings and empowerment deals, as well as arranging finance for acquisitions, client projects and property transactions.

To support the CEO of Stanbic IBTC Capital (SICL) and the Stanbic IBTC Chief Compliance Officer to discharge their responsibilities relating to the compliance risk management process as required by relevant regulatory requirements, applicable codes of conduct and minimum standards
Assist line management and other members of staff by providing advice to guide in discharging their responsibilities to ensure compliance with all statutory, regulatory and internal policy requirements in order to:
Protect the reputation of SICL and the Group;
Avoid the institution of legal action against SICL;
Promote a good working relationship with supervisors/regulators;
Ensure good housekeeping practices; and
Enable SICL to demonstrate to regulatory authorities and other stakeholders that it is “fit and proper” to undertake its business.
To develop and maintain a thorough understanding of the relevant regulatory requirements and policies applicable to SICL, thereby facilitating the establishment of a compliance culture.
To guide all members of staff to act with integrity, diligence, and in an ethical manner in dealing with all clients.
To develop and build relationships with key stakeholders within the Standard Bank Group.

Regulatory Universe
Responsible for the completion and maintenance of SICL’s Regulatory Universe and Policies
Ensure SICL’s timely compliance with all regulatory requirements including but not limited to all periodic and adhoc regulatory reports and obligations
Responsible for the development and maintenance of detailed Compliance Grid on relevant laws, regulations and policies.
Provides gap analysis of updated regulations/legislations and policies.
To maintain a good working relationship with the Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”)
To ensure that SICL is aware of changes to any applicable Rule or Regulation and to interpret the implications of any regulatory changes to SICL.
Ensure a coordinated / aligned strategic approach to and position of, emerging regulatory developments.
To be actively involved in relevant industry/regulatory committees

Compliance Risk Management Plans (CRMPs)
Responsible for the development and deployment of SICL’s Compliance Risk Management Plans (CRMPs).
Ensure the appropriate use of compliance risk management tools within the business.

Analyse and identify compliance risks, processes and controls and provide advice to management, relevant committees and the employees in order to effectively manage compliance issues.
Provide assistance and advice on compliance issues in respect of new businesses, products and other initiatives such as projects.
Complete the annual Compliance Self-Assessment.
Reputational Risk
Safeguard the reputational risk of SICL by ensuring regulatory requirements and developments are aligned.

Create a compliance monitoring plan in consultation with Group Compliance.
Monitor on an on-going basis the adherence to the Compliance Governance, legal and regulatory standards in order to identify further areas of improvement and detect potential compliance breaches and exposures. This includes monthly reporting to Operational Risk on Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) reports.
Monitor Personal Account Trading (PAT), Conflicts of Interest (COI) and outside business interest (OBI) and investigate potential problem areas/trades.
Review and approve requests for employees to gain access to areas behind Chinese Walls in respect of specific deals.
Work closely with business units to ensure transactions are uploaded to the Compliance Control Room (CCR) on deal clearance and watch and restricted lists issues
Responsible for the management of the SICL Procedures Manual and monitoring SICL adherence to all business procedures
Monitor the level of compliance with SEC Rules & regulations as well as all SICL and Stanbic IBTC Holdings policies including but not limited to Records Management Policy, Market Abuse Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, Gratification Policy etc.
Provide guidance to members of staff of SICL in relation to Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and ensure that SICL’s relationships are KYC compliant.
Review various sources of compliance information, including regulatory websites, newspapers and informal sources.
Ensure that there are customised CRMPs for all high risk legislations pertinent to SICL in line with the compliance plan for the year.
Assist the business units with the resolution of compliance and audit issues.
Establish a line of communication to SICL’s MANCO, in order to report SICL’s compliance with regulatory requirements.
The Compliance Officer shall be well trained in the Rules and Guidelines and shall attend regular training sessions as organized or supported by the CBN or SEC.
Compliance Manuals, Standards, Policies/Procedures & Training
Responsible for the development and updating of policies and related training programmes in line with the compliance plan for the year.
Responsible for educating the other personnel of periodic updates and adjustments as may be made by SEC from time to time. Ensure that trainings tailored for the business unit are signed off and, if appropriate, assist in the delivery of the training and awareness.
Customise, if necessary, Group Minimum Standards and facilitate, in consultation with Group Compliance, the process of adoption thereof by the business units.
Request dispensation when policies and procedures deviate from that of minimum standards.
Regulatory Requirements
Remain aware of regulatory & legislative developments, and practices of regulatory authorities, which are relevant to SICL.
Assist the CEO and business units in implementing existing, new and/or amended regulatory requirements.
Assess and advise the CEO and the business units on the impact of regulatory developments.
Provide input or comment in relation to the drafting of proposed regulatory requirements.

Compliance and Risk Management Culture
Actively promote, on an ongoing basis, the Compliance Function, to ensure that a culture of compliance is established in the business units within SICL.
Seek to establish a compliance culture that contributes to the overall objective of prudent risk management by SICL.
Cultivate relationships within business units which result in the business units or other relevant forums proactively seeking Compliance involvement in their dealings.
Assist in the facilitation of Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) for SICL and relevant business units within SICL.
Assist in the creation and maintenance of key risk indicators (KRIs).
Assist in ensuring that operational risk framework and policies are implemented in SICL, and that all members of staff are aware of operational risk policies and procedures.
Assist in ensuring that adequate controls are in place to prevent regulatory breaches to the SEC and thereby avoiding regulatory fines.
Manage BCM records and assist in ensuring that BCM culture is embedded in the SICL’s space.
Feedback, Reporting & Escalation
Utilise established mechanisms for reporting and resolving non-compliance with regulatory requirements.
Immediately report material compliance related matters to the CEO of SICL and Group Chief Compliance Officer.
Contribute to the annual sustainability reporting process.
Inform the CEO, business unit heads and Group Compliance about regulatory inspections and act as a conduit for any significant information requests, comments and findings.
Complete formal monthly and quarterly compliance reports as may be required by various Group governance structures and regulatory requirements.
Create and maintain an appropriate electronic record and filing system.
Act as point of contact for and manage audits on behalf of SICL, maintaining ongoing dialogue with Stanbic IBTC Internal Audit department.
Business Planning/Decision Making
Prepare the annual compliance and monitoring plans and submit it to SICL MANCO for approval.
Prepare Compliance reports for each SICL Board meeting and as required for Group Board meetings.
Provide back up support for the SICL Business Manager role to ensure business continuity management in the event of an absence, including financial and business management duties

Value Management
Strive to influence a continual reduction in costs within the areas under control. Ensure that service delivered remains cost-effective and efficient.

Educational Qualifications
First Degree in a relevant field including banking, finance, accounting, business management, law, economics or a chartered secretary.
Masters degree and/or relevant professional qualifications would be an added advantage
Technical Skills
Good Compliance and Risk Management Knowledge
Excellent use of MS Word and MS Excel
Good understanding of the Investment Banking processes and SEC’s regulatory framework
Good understanding of global financial markets
Good research skills
Ability to find practical solutions in line with regulatory/supervisory requirements

Minimum of 5-6 years working experience in Financial services preferably in an Investment Banking environment with at least 3 years of Compliance experience.


Personal Skills
Being proactive
Result oriented
Team player
Ability to work with minimal supervision
Strong analytical and numerical skills
Excellent communication skills
Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
Consensus builder
Discrete with information
Creative and innovative
Good emotional intelligence skills



The primary purpose of the job is to actively contribute towards achieving the goals of the DCM team by:

Actively leading and providing dependable support for origination of DCM transactions in Nigeria, with corporate entities, supra nationals, sub-nationals and related entities
Coordinating transaction execution across all product categories including; vanilla bonds and commercial papers, equity linked and structured credit products, as well as supervising analysts and associates executing the transactions
Integration with the various Global Markets, credit structuring and sales platforms, and making use of these areas and technology to incorporate derivatives or other strategic solutions within a financing structure (structured capital markets)
Generating ideas that lead to product innovation, better transaction management and zero tolerance lapses in fulfilment of compliance requirements
Assisting with origination and growth of cross border DCM opportunities, thus playing a strong role in the further development of the Standard Bank Group’s DCM franchise
Building close relationship with clients, regulators and investors
Participating in industry advocacy and contributing to the overall growth of the Nigerian Debt Capital Markets

Origination Responsibility
Spot origination opportunities for both domestic and international DCM transactions
Prime responsibility/ownership for all pitch books and marketing materials
Support origination efforts including presentation to clients and follow-up client engagement
Build closer personal relationships with key clients through informal engagements
Active participation at all Client Coverage meetings and frequent engagements with Client Coverage Sector Heads, to develop opportunities in Client Account Plans

Execution Responsibility
Coordinate transaction execution to ensure successful closure
Facilitate transaction structuring
Review work of analysts and associates and oversee transaction documentation including prospectus drafting, term sheet, financial models, presentations, marketing materials and legal documentation
Coordinate and manage relationships with all transaction parties
Provide ratings advisory service to clients
Engagement with the regulators, particularly the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission, The Nigerian Stock Exchange and National Pension Commission
Coordinate investor engagement and distribution
Talent development for analysts and associates

Mentor junior members of the team and monitor their training and development plan
Conduct appraisals for junior team members
Support development of the Investment Banking Analyst Pool
Risk and Compliance

Ensure that all transaction documentation and processes are in compliance with regulatory requirements
Actively monitor changes to the rules and regulations pertaining to capital and money market activities
Supervise analysts and associates to proactively ensure diligent record keeping and adherence to compliance processes
Ensure that DCM processes and procedures are documented in always-up-to-date Procedures Manual
Industry Advocacy

Proactively anticipating market developments and leading with product innovation
Representation at industry or regulatory committees

Key performance measures
  Number of leads identified for domestic and   international bonds and deals originated
  Number of deals closed and efficiency of execution   process
  Positive client feedback on live mandates
  Quality of pitches and transaction documents   prepared by the team
  Implementation of new DCM products and structured   solutions
  Quality of training and development for analysts and   junior associates within the DCM team
  Quality of formal and informal engagement with   clients, regulators and investors
  Satisfactory internal compliance and audit ratings

Education: BA/B.Sc Degree
Masters Degree/Professional Qualifications such as ACA / CA / CIMA / CFA advantageous

Minimum of 6 years working experience
Experience within debt capital markets or debt advisory in Nigeria or other emerging or developed markets would be important
Professional Qualification Required


Governance and Assurance: spe...t advice about, and oversight of, the processes, laws and regulations governing our business, predominantly for directors, chief executives and executive committees.

Ensuring compliance with the relevant Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorist (AML/CFT) and related legislations.
Monitoring transactions of customers to determine whether the transactions are in line with the customers’ profile.
Monitoring of sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) alerts
Reporting of Suspicious/unusual transaction reports.
Rendition of AML/CFT returns to the relevant regulatory authorities such as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU).
Monitoring of all regulatory AML/CFT returns to ensure that such returns are rendered timely.
Carrying out of international & local research to keep a--- of current AML/CFT issues.
Providing advisory support to the branches/business units on know Your Customer (KYC) issues/enquiries.
Providing timely responses to all request received from regulators/law enforcement agencies relating to KYC/AML/CFT issues.
Tracking and remedying all KYC/AML/CFT issues identified in both external and internal examinations/inspections within agreed timelines.
Providing relevant update to management on all KYC/AML/CFT issues.
Ensuring that all members of staff are trained on KYC/AML/CFT issues.

Key Responsibilities
Provide assistance on compliance issues arising out of fulfilling AML/CFT obligations.
Keep a--- with the Stanbic IBTC/Standard Bank AML operations, standards and controls.
Creation of awareness to members of staff on how to identify suspicious money laundering or terrorist financing activity and further assist in the reporting or investigation of suspicious and unusual transactions when required.
Assist with the review of developed training material pertaining to AML/ CFT.
Providing advice, support and guidance to both Business and Heads of Compliance in AML/CFT matters.
Attend to relevant projects or reviews and give input and perform allocated tasks in terms of all projects concerning AML/CFT.
Work with Group Sanctions desk & Financial Crime Control (FCC) to identify any gaps or areas of weakness that could be exploited for Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing purposes.
Suspicious transaction monitoring tools to detect irregular transactions systematically.
Assist in providing AML/ CFT support to Operational areas to ensure effective implementation of controls and processes.
Assist in compliance measures and determine appropriate remedial action plans (including, where necessary, timeframes and responsibilities).

Key Performance Measures:
Evaluate AML/CFT risks attached to Stanbic IBTC Bank activities.
Identify deficiencies in AML/CFT control measures and determine appropriate remedial action plans (timeframes and responsibilities) with the management of the affected area.
Ensure the reputational risk of Stanbic IBTC Bank and that of its subsidiaries is considered at all times.
Co-ordinate and provide input into all AML/CFT initiatives.
Contribute to the AML/CFT framework.
Ensure necessary development and retention of AML/CFT related documentation/procedures/policies/manuals.
Assist and advice on the process to identify and monitor PEP’s and other targeted high-risk persons and entities.
Actively promote, on an ongoing basis, the culture of compliance to Business to ensure that Compliance and the AML/CFT visibility is improved.
Understand the impact of non-delivery or substandard performance.
Be meticulous in administration and record keeping.
Internal & External Relationships

Develop relationships with key business, operational, internal audit & IT staff within the various businesses
Build relationships & provide AML/CFT guidance to the wider business team
External relationships

Build relationships with regulators and law enforcement agencies

BSc or any other degree qualification
2 years Banking experience
Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
Thinking, problem solving, innovation.
Analytical skills.
Decision making.
Generates focused practical solutions.
Demonstrates sound judgement.

DUE DATE: 28 March, 2016


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